Ottawa Police Chief to Resign Amid Backlash Over Handling of Freedom Convoy, Suspicious Weapons Cache Stolen

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ER Editor: This CBC news report (severe MSM warning) puts the cause of Sloly’s resignation as his own personality and behaviour. Which seems mightily suspicious for a veteran of the force. His personality issues suddenly appear now, after what seems to have been a successful career? See Peter Sloly resigns as Ottawa’s police chief, says force now ‘better positioned to end this occupation’. The Ottawa Citizen reports that Sloly has been too lenient on the truckers, which the LifeSite News article picks up below. This all seems odd and contradictory. We’re not buying it.

This 5-minute video from CP24 suggests that Sloly, who complained to Trudeau of not having enough manpower to do what was needed, was let go to coincide with the implementation of the Emergencies Act, which now permits RCMP to enforce various local bylaws. The CTV reporter in this segment clearly has no sympathy for the truckers and what the larger issue is.


Meanwhile, a cache of weapons was also found in Ottawa on Monday following a theft of weapons in nearby Peterborough, ONT, according to a statement put out by the convoy’s head of security, Daniel Bullford. False flag events are, of course, expected in order to discredit the truckers. This report comes from the French language site of Canadian Guy Bouliannewhich contains Bullford’s video in English:

Organizers of the “Freedom Convoy” in Canada’s capital say they informed police after learning that “nefarious elements” were planning to plant weapons at Ottawa’s COVID-19 warrant protests as a “pretext to forcibly remove peaceful protesters.” In a video posted on social media on Feb. 14, Daniel Bulford, a former RCMP officer who is helping protest organizers with security, said he had received information from what they consider “reliable” sources that the weapons might be planted. The information, Bulford said, correlates with the more than 2,000 guns that were stolen in Peterborough, Ontario, on the morning of Feb. 13.

Peterborough Police Service officers had said they were investigating the incident involving the stolen guns, which were taken from a trucking yard in the city in the early morning hours. The truck and trailer were carrying more than 2,000 firearms with magazines. Officials said no ammunition was taken.

ER Translation: Theft of a truck filled with 3400 firearms near Toronto:

According to my information, the truck contained 3409 .22 caliber weapons and 6468 magazines. It is a Freightliner Cascadia 126, possibly white in color.

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