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Planet Lockdown: A Documentary | English
Planet Lockdown is a documentary on the situation the world finds itself in. We spoke to some of the brightest and bravest minds in the world including epidemiologists, scientists, doctors, lawyers, protesters a statesman and a prince. These brave...


Daniel Model - Full Interview - Planet Lockdown
This interview with Daniel Model at his Modelhof asks the deeper questions. What is our purpose here in life? What are the ominous trends around us that we should be aware of? How can we look inside and be ourselves? This interview was conducte...


Catherine Austin Fitts Interview - Global Financial Coup D’état - Technocratic Slavery That Follows


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: " We must Resist this Coup d'Etat "
Robert F Kennedy, Jr. explains why we all need to come forward now and resist in Civil Disobedience. Now that the FDA has issued a very "squirrely" approval of the Covid-Vaccine from Pfizer, which leaves many questions open, because the science sh...


An Urgent Message from Professor Sucharit Bhakdi
Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi MD explains recent findings that fundamentally change the Covid narrative. We already have antibody memory immunity to COVID-19, rendering 99% of us immune. This not only makes vaccination unnecessary, but re-vaccination pote...



“A Call to Europe: The Future of Our Children is at Stake” - CHD Europe - Press Conference, Brussels January 23
Call for a European moratorium on health restrictions: the future of our children is at stake. In the framework of the citizens' rally in Brussels organised on 23 January by Europeans United International, Children's Health Defense Europe organ...


Root Cause
Documentary featuring opinions from doctors and dentists from around the world on the health effects of the root canal procedure. Please donate to the project. Your contribution makes a real difference. ...


The Mysterious Origins of Man (1996) Entire Documentary.mp4