How the authorities can INSTANTLY stop the spread of “COVID misinformation”

Here Is Why Global Conspiracies Do Run the World

370 + ECONOMISTS AGREE : build back better is wrong for america

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Jamie Sarkonak: Under Emergencies Act, suspected dissidents are at the mercy of their banks

Jamie Sarkonak To solve a “national emergency,” banks in Canada can now deprive anyone remotely connected to the Ottawa protest the ability to pay for...

Law of War Manual

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Banks are moving to freeze accounts linked to convoy protests. Here’s what you need to know

John Paul Tasker  A police officer looks for a place to leave a notice as they tour the protest area in Ottawa on Wednesday. Public...

U.S. Truckers Announce February 23rd Convoy to D.C. In Protest Against COVID Mandates

by Jill Schrider The honking has only just begun. Beginning February 23rd, U.S. truckers plan to drive to the heart of the nation’s capitol in protest...

Quebec Drops Coronavirus Mandates After Rejecting Trudeau’s Emergency Decree

By JOHN HAYWARD Quebec stepped up its “deconfinement plan” this week and began lifting coronavirus restrictions, while Premier Francois Legault rejected Canadian Prime Minister Justin...

Ottawa Police Chief to Resign Amid Backlash Over Handling of Freedom Convoy, Suspicious Weapons Cache Stolen

TLB Staff ER Editor: This CBC news report (severe MSM warning) puts the cause of Sloly’s resignation as his own personality and behaviour. Which seems mightily...

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