Home Mandates The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leven, says a digital identity, abolition of the Nuremberg Code, and forcible vaccination for everyone is necessary.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leven, says a digital identity, abolition of the Nuremberg Code, and forcible vaccination for everyone is necessary.

The president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leven, says a digital identity, abolition of the Nuremberg Code, and forcible vaccination for everyone is necessary.

Robert Yoho MD (ret)

Australia is on the edge of enacting a centrally controlled digital currency with “social credit scores” similar to China’s. If that happens, it is game over for them.

BEFORE I SAY MORE, HERE IS A “BLUE’S CLUE.” Most of the references I cite are from substack.com. If you like any of these blogs, you can subscribe to them for free. But don’t get carried away like me, or you will spend four hours a day reading them.

I PROMISED YOU GOOD NEWS, SO CLICK HERE. Also, “After nearly two years of just laying there like a passed-out drunk in front of a Covid testing clinic, Canada is finally showing signs of life.” Follow Paul Alexandar’s substack for the most up-to-date Canada posts. Here is another source. And a WHO scientist is now saying that jabs are not needed for kids.

If you (still) need to be convinced that natural immunity after Covid is indefinite, click HERE and HERE. You will get Omicron soon enough unless you stay inside with a bag over your head. If you have a few neutraceuticals or possibly other treatments, you are safe. But if you have allowed repeated jabs into your body, your immunity may not work as well.

Ivermectin is the best drug for both late and early CovidHERE is how to get it. In New Hampshire, it is now over-the-counter.

MY FRIEND STEVEN IS AN EMERGENCY PHYSICIAN: “My rural hospital nearly closed the ER because all available vaccinated doctors were out with COVID. Luckily, the hospital administrators had granted a vax exemption to me, and I was the only COVID negative doc available to work.  I’m hoping for a public statement from the hospital thanking the dedicated unvaccinated workers who kept the ER open, but I’m not holding my breath. All the vaccinated staff was home, sick with COVID.”

THE JAB DESTROYS HEALTH: From Paul Alexander, “(The) number of Americans dying since the vaccines were introduced is up 140%, non-COVID; staggering data; this is a pandemic of both vaccinated and unvaccinated, but the vaccines present a REAL threat.” Cancer incidence is climbing since the vax was instituted. But these are the WEAK data.

The STRONG data is that whistleblowers from the US Armed Forces are sharing the servicemen’s entire health records from before and after the jabs were started. This information is much cleaner, complete, and robust than the VAERS database. And these young people are getting all kinds of new problems. For example, miscarriages have increased 400%, neurological disease by 2000%, and heart disease by at least four times. My numbers are approximate, so stay tuned for more accurate ones. When coupled with the Pfizer document release showing that Pfizer understood all along about the injuries and deaths, prosecutions are inevitable. 

I just traveled to Guernsey, the small UK protectorate island between France and England, to help them understand why their “public health officials” were trying to get them “vaccinated.” It was a beautiful spring day. Actually, it was freezing in Guernsey, and I was visiting on YouTube. They asked me to lecture at their virtual conference.

One of the organizers wrote me later, “You were a big hit and one of our group told me that you were the highlight!” I spoke right after Dr. McCullough, so it was high praise. This man sacrificed his career for us. Please help him with a donation at this LINK. I will take you to the conference soon, and like me, you can watch it from your warm living room.

I got applause for this: “Guernsey people live on a beautiful island that is a bit like the Shire of Lord of the Rings. The hobbits learned the hard way that they could fence themselves in, but they could not fence the rest of the world out. This war will come to us all, and even small animals like us have critical parts to play.”

CONSPIRACY OF EVIL, UPDATED: Never, ever use Gofundme again. They abandoned and took the money from the Canadian truckers. And we know all about Facebook. It just removed the page that was used to fund the DC freedom convoyIts stock is crashing and it is losing users. Plus, to review how hospitals are paid $100,000 a patient to mismanage covid, see HERE and HERE. And in a dystopian twist, Swiss people can only receive assisted suicide if they are vaccinated.


1)    Why are more people dying in the US than in other countries? Could it be that the US Public Health Response has been a Colossal Failure?

2)   If you still have any suspicion that masks might save your sorry a** from COVID, read this article. More than 150 studies show they are useless.

3)   Mercola.com and RFK Jr’s website Children’s Health Defense are leaders in our opposition. I buy vitamins from Mercola but primarily look to him for daily political and social commentary.

EVIL STILL STRIDES AMONG US AND WE MUST NOT BECOME COMPLACENT. Covid is simply one of its tools. The “great reset” to destroy our freedoms is still in progress. The latest news about this is HERE and HERE.

My best,

Robert Yoho

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Listen to Joe Rogan’s interview with Peter McCollough HERE. Equally good is Rogan’s Robert Malone podcast: HERE. You can listen at 1.5 to 2 times speed. Buy RFK Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci, on Amazon.

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