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West Yorkshire: Police Investigation into Covid Crimes is Underway

West Yorkshire: Police Investigation into Covid Crimes is Underway


“We are here today to report a crime – in fact a number of criminal offences.  The disease known as ‘Covid-19’ is under investigation.  We already have a crime reference number from the London Metropolitan Police: 6029679/21.”

On Saturday evening a representative from a citizen’s group, ‘The North Unites’, reported the crimes to Elland Rd Police Station, Leeds:

“There is significant and irrefutable evidence from hundreds of complainants, victims, whistle-blowers and medical professionals who have made written statements to confirm that significant injuries and, in some cases, even death, are being caused by the anti-Covid injections.

“Our wider allegation is that a deliberate campaign of mis-information is being conducted by this present government – with the co-operation of the main stream media, social media platforms and fact checkers.”

After listing 20 offences against statute and common law being alleged, including “conspiracy to administer poisonous substance with intent to cause serious harm – even in many cases – to kill,” the person reporting the offenses continued:

“This could become the world’s largest ever criminal case … by virtue of Section3, Criminal Law Act 1967, we today call upon you, as a constable, and your colleagues as constables, to assist us in the CLOSURE of ALL vaccine centres in the area for which your station is responsible.

“The injections are a ‘gene-therapy’ weapon, a bio-weapon, potentially a murder weapon … Our present government is procuring millions of vials of this material, permitting it to be administered to the general public, even to children knowing that the material injected can cause injury and even prove fatal to many hundreds of UK citizens.

“The evidence of this must be seized by police constables as part of their investigation and taken into protective custody.

“Please provide us with guidance on how we help victims to come forward with confidence that they will be heard.

“Please advise when we can expect you to begin closure of the vaccine centres to prevent further occurrences of harm.”https://www.bitchute.com/embed/iapapgyBN4Wr/?feature=oembed#?secret=GD5Jz9Ymz9Multiple Crimes Against the People Reported to West Yorks Police 29 Jan 2022 (41 mins)

‘The North Unites’ Telegram channel shared details of the documents used when making the report.

List of documents used at Elland Rd police 29.01.22

Attached below is a transcript of the report made and copies of the documents submitted to Police Constable Baker at Elland Rd Police Station.The-North-Unites-police-bundle-v1Download

A crime reference number, 13220052372, was issued.  There is now an active investigation.

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