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Kiwi Citizens Have Initiated Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little

Kiwi Citizens Have Initiated Arrest of Health Minister Andrew Little

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As outlined in yesterday’s special report, engineer, Brett Power has now delivered documents to the New Zealand Police with evidence against Health Minister Andrew Little. The police have received the evidence and have formally opened a case, file number 220203/2237. The evidence submitted was on behalf of Rory Nairn, the first in New Zealand to receive a coroner’s report listing the Pfizer shot as the most likely cause of death just 12 days after receiving the jab, and with further evidence from other sources including the NZ Government and Pfizer’s own documents.

Investigations should lead to Little’s arrest under charges of manslaughter & culpable murder by police, or should the police fail to act, the citizens may do so under the Crimes Act.

Over 200 people attended in support of Brett, who after addressing the crowd, went to the New Zealand Police in New Plymouth and served the papers.

While Brett was inside, New Plymouth City councillors Anneka Carlson and Murray Chong both spoke in regards to the ludicrous situation unfolding in NZ.

Casey Hodgkinson, a jab victim, and her mother along with a nurse Alicia Gataua and others also spoke at the event. Casey and several also filed further complaints and evidence into the case record. All New Zealanders with relatives injured or killed by the jabs are invited to do the same.

After 40 minutes or so, Brett emerged from the police station with a case number and then marched down to the Stuff owned, Taranaki Daily News offices who wouldn’t meet with Brett and locked him out. Stuff Ltd is a dominant NZ newspaper publishing and news media website organisation.

Brett had previously filed criminal charges in the High Court at New Plymouth. While the court has accepted the case, the court process can be quite slow, so launching this police investigation should accelerate the process.

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