Home Commentary Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Full Speech, Washington DC, Jan 23

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Full Speech, Washington DC, Jan 23

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Full Speech, Washington DC, Jan 23

Celia Farber

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s full speech at the Lincoln Memorial, Jan 23, here. [More outstanding talks here.]

I’m choosing to focus on RFK Jr.’s talk, and its surrounding dynamics, before I branch out. It’s America talking to itself across decades, across wounds, and across buried deep state atrocities. It’s immensely loaded with all that is not said.

When they still loved RFK Jr., as recently as 2018, they sure sounded different.

A moving interview from 2018, on CBS, titled “His Father’s Footsteps,” here.

Now Robert F. Kennedy has been designated an official target for denigration and mockery by our dark media. This can be very dangerous, I can attest to that, but I’m not worried about Mr. Kennedy, in this regard. He always leaves them with fewer feathers than they entered with, following any encounter.

This piece, for example, which left Jake Tapper looking like Road Runner right after the cigar bomb went off.

Why do they take no measurement of their opponents?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. finds facts and carries them, from the moment he finds them. They become what you might call gold-backed, which is to say, confirmed and shored up from many angles, especially legal documents.

He is a lawyer.

He doesn’t negotiate, put some facts down when the burden gets heavy, and move on with only the lighter ones.

A classically minded American constitutionalist, he also doesn’t seek adoration by way of bombast or sending up woke balloons.

They, the Jake Tappers of the world, the peacocks of media, are precisely the opposite: They do very poorly with facts, and turn to moral bombast all the time, but especially when cornered. And their bombast is always all the more fervent when all facts go dead against them.

When you hear them describe how “shocked” “appalled,” “disgusted” etc they are, it means the facts are dead against them. They’ve lost.

I looked for RFK Jr.’s whole speech, to post here today, on YouTube, knowing it would not be there.

Instead I found clips of Smelling Salts Reportage on CNN.


I made myself listen to all 4 minutes of this sonic torment. When it was over, I laughed. This is all they have? Sitting there on TV and saying “it boggles the mind,” that a very serious lawyer, scholar, and author, gave a talk about freedom, at the Lincoln Memorial? Why should that “boggle” any real journalist’s mind?

Clip here.

One multi-millionaire “journalist” asks two others just exactly how aghast all three are, not over the shocking facts relayed in RFK Jr.’s talk, but at the fact he invokes totalitarianism.

“Kennedy invoked Anne Frank! Jim, call the Auschwitz Memorial for a Condemnation quote!”

They are not even sentient enough to hear that in their own clip, he also invoked the Berlin Wall.

This is what they, with CNN ears, heard:

”At a rally against vaccine mandates in Washington, DC, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. likened vaccine policies in the US to the actions of a totalitarian state, even suggesting Anne Frank was in a better situation when she was hiding from the Nazis. CNN’s Jim Acosta discusses with John Avlon and Margaret Hoover.”

Hoover even says with a straight face: “Nobody is making you take these vaccines.”

What planet do these people live on? How much do they get paid to be so utterly, utterly out of touch with the feelings of the street?

Modern media has become nothing but tsk-tsk-ing and moral bullying, in lieu of the five Ws, now totally out of fashion.

They are: Who, What, Where, When, and Why?

Once the anchors of journalism, now some kind of Thought Crime. Objectivity is now terrorism.