Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Opposing the President of the European Commission (EC) for the Vaccine Mandate Policy

Translated by: MOS Education Team – Sarahyy

According to Gettr news on December 21, MEP Robert Roos openly contested the vaccine mandate policy, which was supported by the EC President Ursula vonder Leyen. Roos indicated that Leyen’s viewpoint of COVID19 vaccine mandate is against her own expression during the Summit for Democracy on December 8. If Leyen advocated a democratic system that truly gives people freedom of speech and act as well as freedom to choose, then her vaccine mandate policy is precisely the deprivation of freedom to choose that denies democracy.

Roos said that the vaccine mandate policy was neither reasonable nor transparent, since over the past six months, two doses of Pfizer vaccines had fended off zero Omicron virus, and thus scientists disagree that COVID vaccines can protect healthy young people. Roos stated that he would defend civil rights and further questioned and requested the disclosure of the confidential contracts signed between the EC and vaccine Pharmaceuticals.


Posted by: Malaca

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