Covid-19: Denmark “Revolts” and Announces That It Will Stop Vaccination In The Whole Country

TLB Staff

After having lifted the restrictions linked to Covid, the Danish health authorities have just announced the end of vaccination in this country very soon (from spring)

In Denmark, the health authorities are revolting against the vaccine. While the effectiveness of the vaccine is defended tooth and nail by the health experts on all the TV sets in several European countries, in Denmark, the authorities have decided to put an end to it “not seeing any reason to continue” to immunize the population.

This is the information that has obtained from the American news agency, The Associated Press. According to this source, the health authorities who have lifted the restrictions linked to the Coronavirus believe that the vaccination coverage is strong enough to face an increase of infections. Moreover, according to the same source, Danish authorities have decided not to administer a booster dose.

The information was confirmed by NewsWeek, which informed us on February 11 that the Danish authorities have also abandoned the vaccination of children aged 5 to 11, as had been planned in the past. The same authorities announced the end of the restrictions considering that the Omicron variant does not represent a serious threat.

However, this measure could be misunderstood, especially as cases continue to rise in this country, as several sources have pointed out. In fact, by the end of January, the country had passed the 50,000 positive mark in a single day, a first since the advent of the pandemic.

It is worth noting that Denmark, in deciding to end vaccination and lifting restrictions, is taking the opposite approach to its European neighbors, such as France, where health authorities insist on the importance of a booster dose and are considering vaccinating children to achieve better herd immunity.

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