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Unvaccinated Won’t Get Public Health Care?

Unvaccinated Won’t Get Public Health Care?

Addison Wilson

Here is the poster argument against public healthcare.

Germany is a socialist country with public healthcare, and the German citizens are taxed upwards of 45% for access to this healthcare.

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The price of a private healthcare plan in the US for a healthy person runs $200-300 monthly. The math shows that this will cost $2.400-3,600 per year.

Does $2,400-$3,600 represent 45% of the average German’s yearly income? We hope now that the Germans are scammed and overplaying for these services with all the utilities added in.

This theft is worse with the latest comments by Stefan Drager, the CEO of a German medical company.

People say that Drager thinks unvaccinated people should lose their right to access the public care they are paying for.

These are the only people in the world who believe they can issue edicts and force the people to lose the services they are paying for.

Medical and pharmaceutical corporations won’t do anything to compete in a free and open market!

The solution isn’t to nationalize the scam and give everyone health insurance; the solution is to outlaw health insurance altogether and stop subsidizing medicine.

When the government and market-distorting instruments are eliminated from the field, we will be shocked how fast the corrupt medical and pharmaceutical firms will fall in line.

The Epoch Times reported:

“Anyone who refuses vaccination must forgo treatment in the hospital,” he said, reported other German media citing Welt, according to a German-to-English translation.

“If he refuses, this is automatically considered a patient decree that if he falls ill with the virus, he will not be treated in hospital at the expense of the general public,” Dräger also said in the interview, published Thursday.

His argument for such a protocol, which is sure to draw criticism, is because it “avoids overburdening hospitals and staff,” he added.


The Wall Street Journal reported:

Doctors are increasingly refusing to treat the unvaccinated. Physicians in Alabama, Florida, the District of Columbia and Toronto have dismissed unvaccinated patients from their practices. A Texas task force has considered reserving beds in intensive-care units solely for the vaccinated.

Among my fellow bioethicists, incredulity and anger run high against so-called antivaxxers. Behind closed doors I’ve heard repeated calls to punish them by charging higher insurance premiums, withholding scarce medications or refusing treatment.