Home Narrative Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A “Truth Bomb” Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A “Truth Bomb” Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Covid Pandemic: A “Truth Bomb” Explodes to Illuminate the War on Humanity

By Prof. Anthony J. Hall

For almost two years we have been experiencing the onslaughts of a brand new form of warring aggression. For all but a tiny percentage of the global population, we have become the targeted enemy. The we that isbeing attacked extends to most of the global population.

We are being culled in preparation for a new political economy characterized by an A.I. master-slave relation along with massive robotization. It is becoming increasingly clear that the transition to this scheme –which de facto implies depopulation– kicked into gear with the brutal economic and health impacts of the lockdowns and then with the deaths and injuries from the COVID injections.

“Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”

According to the Wall Street Journal: “Billionaires Try to Shrink World’s Population”.

In May 2009, the Billionaire philanthropists met behind closed doors at the home of the president of The Rockefeller University in Manhattan.

This Secret Gathering was sponsored by Bill Gates. They called themselves “The Good Club”. 

The emphasis was not on population growth (i.e Planned Parenthood) but on “Depopulation”, i.e,. the reduction in the absolute size of the World’s population.

The scheme for population reduction is introducing a kind of deregulated free-for-all when it comes to further unrestricted medical experiments on human subjects. These subjects of medical experiments will be in no position to give or withhold informed consent.

According to Bill Gates in his TED presentation (February 2010) pertaining to vaccination:

“And if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that [the world population] by 10 or 15 percent”.

According to Gates’ statement, this would represent  an absolute reduction of the World’s population (2010) of the order 680 million to 1.02 billion.

(See quotation on Video starting at 04.21. See also screenshot of Transcript of quotation)

TED Talk at 04:21:https://embed.ted.com/talks/bill_gates_innovating_to_zero


A major aim of those planning and implementing these experiments is the creation of transhumans.

These transhuman beings will see their inherited biology combined with the engineering of digital and genetic modifications. The alterations to the human genome are to be supported by the insertion within transhumans of many forms of nanotechnology. Most of the altered mergers of natural and unnatural life will be placed under the governing control of Artificial Intelligence projects now rapidly coming online.

The WEF’s Klaus Schwab (2 min at outset of the video below ) confirmed that humans will become “transhumans” in  a 2016 interview with the French Swiss TV (RTS):

RTS: “When will that happen?

KS: “Certainly in the next ten years.

“We could imagine that we will implant theme [microchips] in our brain or in our skin”.

“And then we can imagine that there is direct communication between the [human] brain and the digital World”.

“What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital and biological World

“And first you have the personalized robots…”

Video: Towards Digital Tyranny with Peter Koenig


The strategic contest to determine the future overlords, designs, and uses of Artificial Intelligence forms a big aspect of the acrimony and negotiation currently taking place in the most covert venues of US-China relations.

It is telling that most citizens are left well outside the loop of the decisions being made about how AI will be deployed to regulate our own lives.

Much secrecy prevails in this strategic AI realm, a realm of huge consequence in establishing future patterns in the lives and deaths of human beings. The precedent is already deeply embedded that we the people are to be kept outside the circle of informed consent when it comes to the subject of how new technologies are to be deployed in creating the conditions of human existence. Those decisions are currently being mostly monopolized by the closed club of multi-billionaires and their agents in the security agencies and media.

In 2022 the objectives of the escalating war on nature is putting special emphasis on the alteration of human nature and the civilizational inheritance that we were born into. The startling scale of the assault on both nature and on the political economy of our current civilization is quickly becoming increasingly apparent to more and more people.

The time has come for all of us to engage in some honest reckoning with the scope and depth of the hybrid war being waged against us. Its goal is to radically reconfigure our consciousness, our genetic attributes, our reproductive capacities and our societal interactions.

We are facing the prospect of unlimited conquest by a new variant of savage conquistadores. We are becoming the modern-day Indians standing in the way of the New World Order. We are reliving some of the experiences of those who once faced the incursions of the Columbian conquests whose protagonists started in 1492 an intergenerational war on Aboriginal America.

We are being subjected to severe assaults that maim our capacity to sustain our civil liberties, our health, our economic viability and even our very lives. Many more of us than usual have been meeting premature and unnecessary deaths. These deaths are coming in ways that can no longer be veiled by the perpetrators of this profoundly invasive operation, one that is altering the conditions of humanity on Planet Earth at Warp Speed.

Evidence of the acute nature of the attacks we are experiencing have been highlighted by many observers. The most keenly attentive among us can readily see that the wheels are coming off the lead bandwagon of the COVID Hoax Parade. Fast coming to light is the plethora of lies and deceptions that have energized the passage of this lewd COVID procession through even the most private and intimate passageways of our lives.

The growing exposure of the lurid tactics deployed by the saboteurs of personal and collective health is making them more frantic. The manufacturers of the engineered panic are starting to panic themselves. The culprits in media, in banking, and in government have much to fear given the number, the scale and the depth of the atrocities they are directing behind the failing veils of deception and fraud.

A Jolt of Truth From the Insurance Industry

In their desperation the culprits are raising the ante with a new round of rabid fear mongering aimed at igniting Omicron hysteria. A surprising revelation has come to light in the midst of the deceivers’ rush to come up with a new variant in order to persist with an otherwise tired and failing script. This revelation is illuminating the expanding numbers of the casualties that have already met their demise in this ongoing undeclared war.

On the first of January Scott Davison, the CEO of the Indiana-based OneAmerica Life Insurance Company, made a stunning announcement.  He explained that the death rate among his company’s working-age clients has gone up 40% since pre-pandemic times.

Davison declared, “what we are seeing right now is the highest death rates in the history of this business— not just at OneAmerica.” Davison explained further,

“the data is consistent across every player in that business….. What the data is showing to us is that the deaths that are being reported as COVID deaths greatly understate the actual death losses among working-age people from the pandemic. It may not all be COVID on their death certificate, but deaths are up just huge, huge numbers.”

See this.

The high rate of death among working-age people has huge implications for those on both sides of the war aimed at reducing the global population and radically transforming the conditions of human life. Many of those who died were registered by their employers in the Indiana company’s group life insurance policies.

The sudden demise of this cohort of men and women while in their prime, took place during an arc of history when the grim reaper became unusually active. The period was marked by catastrophic lockdowns, suffocating masking, the systemic denial of non-injectable remedies to COVID, as well as the roll out of DNA-altering injections followed by the imposition of injection mandates.

Brian Shilhavy, Editor of Health Impact News, reported on the event. He offered up various forms of confirmation including hospital reports that prove the veracity of Mr. Davison’s account. Generalizing on the larger implications of the development, Shilhavy remarked,

“this is quite obviously a national catastrophe that is going to have significant impacts on the labor force now and well into the future.”

See this.

Dr. Robert Malone is another strategically-placed observer who was fast to highlight the news of the high death rate. The heavily censored Dr. Malone is one of the inventors of the mRNA technology integral to the COVID injections produced by Pfizer and Moderna.

Dr. Malone has emerged from within the vaccine industry to become a leading whistleblower. He does not hold back from exposing the incompetence and the high rates of criminal negligence permeating the actions of those responsible for manufacturing the COVID crisis.

In particular Dr. Malone points to the scandalous disregard by COVID Officialdom for even the most rudimentary rules of medical safety in the course of their feigned fight against a supposedly “new” coronavirus.  In the view of Dr. Malone, news from the CEO of the truth telling life insurance company exploded like “a nuclear truth bomb.”

Dr. Malone has been prominent among the large and growing group of professionals with ample evidence that injections have been doing much more harm than good. At this stage in the life of the truth bomb, it is becoming increasingly clear that the COVID injections are bioweapons. The kill shots’ main means of invasion is genetic manipulation to stimulate the proliferation of pathogenic spike proteins throughout all organs of the body beginning with human vascular systems.

Second only to the media’s unrelenting 24/7 campaign of psychological warfare to arouse reason-destroying hysteria, the COVID injections are the main weapons being launched against us thus far in this hybrid war.

The objectives of those waging this warfare include eliminating the genetic constitution inherited from generations of natural procreation within the human speciesSuch an objective threatens the very roots of humanity’s biological basis. This type of experimentation is already changing the human form. A crime far beyond genocide is thus already well advanced. We need a new Raphael Lemkin to describe and implement prohibitions on the crime in progress that may be far more lethal than any crime against life so far.

Dr. Malone sums up the implications of the news from Indiana as follows:

“one has to conclude that if this report holds and is confirmed by others in the dry world of life insurance actuaries, we have both a huge human tragedy and a profound public policy failure of the US Government and US HHS system to serve and protect the citizens that pay for this “service”.

IF this holds true, then the genetic vaccines so aggressively promoted have failed, and the clear federal campaign to prevent early treatment with lifesaving drugs has contributed to a massive, avoidable loss of life.

AT WORST, this report implies that the federal workplace vaccine mandates have driven what appears to be a true crime against humanity.  [The result is] massive loss of life in workers that have been forced to accept a toxic vaccine at higher frequency relative to the general population of Indiana.

FURTHERMORE, we have also been living through the most massive, globally coordinated propaganda and censorship campaign in the history of the human race.  All major mass media and the social media technology companies have coordinated to stifle and suppress any discussion of the risks of the genetic vaccines AND/OR alternative early treatments. 

See this.

Of course we can count on the mainstream media presstitutes to try to cover up, censor, deny, or “fact check” the nuclear truth bomb that exploded in the insurance industry. Under current circumstances, how can the insurance industry carry on its business of speculating any more on the timing of lives and deaths of their jabbed clients?