Home Commentary 18 Lies about Covid-19 & the Covid-19 Vaccines; and 18 Truths they are designed to cover up

18 Lies about Covid-19 & the Covid-19 Vaccines; and 18 Truths they are designed to cover up

18 Lies about Covid-19 & the Covid-19 Vaccines; and 18 Truths they are designed to cover up


18 Lies about mRNA Vaccines and Covid-19

  1. mRNA vaccines are not gene therapy
  2. mRNA vaccines are just a more high tech version of your regular flu shot vaccine.
  3. mRNA vaccines are destroyed by your immune system with a couple of days
  4. mRNA vaccines do not leave the injection site in your deltoid shoulder muscle
  5. mRNA vaccines are safe
  6. mRNA vaccines are effective
  7. mRNA vaccines wane in efficiency over time
  8. Masks protect us all from Covid
  9. Mass vaccination should occur during a pandemic
  10. Lockdowns are beneficial
  11. Vaccine Immunity is as good or better than natural immunity
  12. Therapeutics such as Vitamin D, Ivermectin. Budesonide, Intravenous Vitamin C, Mouthwashes with Cetylpyridinium Chloride, Zinc and Quercetin. N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), Hydroxychloroquine are ineffective and/or dangerous and should be denied.
  13. Vaccines do not cause miscarriages.
  14. Vaccine mediated Myocarditis is mild.
  15. Hands and surfaces can spread Covid. So we should deploy hand sanitizers
  16. Asymptomatic people can spread Covid
  17. Vaccines are effective against Omicron
  18. The Spike protein is the best viral component to use in a vaccine

By a concerned reader

18 Truths that these deceptions are designed to cover up

1. mRNA vaccine are gene therapy, because they reprogram vaccinated cells at a genetic level to produce Covid spike proteins.

2. mRNA vaccines do present the 1273 Amino Acid Wuhan HU1 (Wuhan alpha) spike protein to you immune system. But then they damage your immune system to the point where you are more likely to be infected with Covid than an unvaxxed person.

So in truth they are anti vaccines. A true vaccination provides long term immunity, just as infection recovery provides long term natural immunity. mRNA vaccines only provide short term immunity for a few months. then they go negative in efficiency and become anti vaccines. So actually the fully vaccinated are the true anti-vaxxers, having been fully antivaccinated,

3. RNA which is not protected by lipid nanoparticles is indeed destroyed in a few days. mRNA vaccines which have lipid nanoparticle case, are not. This is obvious from the known fact that leaving a 12 week gap between the 1st and 2nd jabs, produces a 3.5x stronger antibody response than leaving a 4 week gap (https://todaynewspost.com/news/world/uk-news/longer-gap-between-pfizer-jabs-boosts-antibody-response-in-elderly/ ).

So in those extra 8 weeks of gap, something cumulative is going on. That something can only be spike protein production. Indeed the DNA vaccine from Astrazeneca produces a 4x greater antibody response with a 12 week gap between the first two injections and an 18x greater antibody response with a 45 week gap (https://www.foxnews.com/health/astrazenecas-covid-19-vaccine-stronger-immunity-45-week-gap-company).

So the 12 week behaviour of mRNA vaccines is hardly any different from that of the DNA vaccines. But DNA vaccines make a permanent change in your cell DNA (adding the spike protein DNA to the cell nuclei of vaccinated cells). Therefore the mRNA is just as permanent as the DNA (certainly up to 12 weeks).

The mRNA does not degrade in the first 2 days as it should. The lipid nanoparticle coating makes it almost as permanent as DNA vaccines. The other possibility which has been shown to be possible by swedish () is the the mRNA writes itself into your cell nuclei by a process called reverse transcription. DNA is supposed to write itself to RNA, which goes off to program your cell ribosomes to make proteins.

That is transcription. Reverse transcription occurs when RNA writes itself into your nucleic DNA

4. When you are vaccinated, the pressure exerted through the tiny needle forces the vaccine containing 14.4 trillion (Pfizer) or 48 trillion (Moderna) copies of the Wuhan Alpha Spike protein RNA in a nano lipid particle coating into your deltoid muscle cells and into the interstitial space between those cells.

If you are unlucky, because nobody bothers to aspirate the vaccination, which used to be standard practice, when the health of the patient was a concern, the needle hits a vein and you get trillions of spike proteins charging straight into your heart. If you are lucky, then the interstitial fluid between your muscle cells drains into your lymphatic system and from there into your blood stream and from there into your heart in smaller quantity and at a much slower rate.

But make no mistake. Your immune system recognises every vaccinated cell that starts to produce spike proteins and sends killer T cells to destroy it. If that cell is in your shoulder muscle fine. If that cell is in your heart muscle or your brain – not fine. Professor Neils Hoibe from the University of Copenhagen (781 publications, 44,327 citations) describes this process in a video with Dr John Campbell (both are careful not to be seen as too antivax) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hkopHLQjtVQ

5. The UK Medicine Regulator has confirmed that over a period of twelve months the Covid-19 Vaccines have caused 5x times more deaths than the total number of deaths due to all other available vaccines combined in the past 21 years – https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/21/mhra-covid-vaccine-deaths-unprecedented/ 

6.  The latest Australian data for the 1st week in 2022 from 2022January2-8, shows that fully vaccinated Aussies are now 10.72x more likely to become infected with Omicron as unvaxxed Australians

Here are the case numbers for Week1 in NSW…

The mid point of the period from 2022January2 to 2022January8 was 2022January5, when 93.62% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 95.04% were first dosed. So 4.96% were unvaxxed – https://www.covid19data.com.au/vaccine-forecasts  

So the ratio of the case rates in the first week in January in New South Wales Australia was (4.96 x 159,325)/(787 x 93.62) = 10.72x

Or putting it another way 787 cases of Omicron cases in NSW in the first week of this year were in unvaxxed and 160,793 were in the singly or doubly or triply vaccinated.
This means that less than half a percent of the cases were in the unvaxxed and more than 99.5% of the cases were in the vaxxed. Now that is a pandemic of the vaccinated for you. Effective dose? Right. Well effective.

7. Vaccines are not Waning. Vaxxed immune systems are waning

Vaccines cannot wane in efficiency. They are digital. They show your immune system the spike protein antigen and they simulate a systemic attack to convince your immune system to take that spike protein seriously. Then there is NOTHING more for a true vaccine to do.

They operate for 2-3 weeks, the normal length of a viral infection. Then they are supposed to leave your body. So they do not, they cannot, wane. They do not and cannot drop in efficiency in the 2nd or 3rd or 4th or 5th month because they have nothing to do in those months. A worker who has finished his employment contract with a company does not work less efficiently for that company. He is no longer employed. . 

But genetic vaccines continue to produce spike proteins incessantly. They damage your immune system. It is your immune system therefore that wanes. In the UK they have damaged our immune systems so much that vaccines now have enormous negative efficiencies up to -60% in the latest UKHSA data for the end of 2021 (Vaccine Surveillance Report Week 1).

The trouble with the genetic vaccines that NOBODY talks about is that they do not stop producing spike proteins. They continue producing more and more of them. I asked Astra Zeneca for how long after vaccination would my cells produce spikes? They said we do not know we are still researching that. I do know because I did cell biology at Cambridge. Every vaccinated cell will continue producing spike proteins until it dies or is killed by your killer T cells. 

Vaccination informs your immune system that spike proteins are very dangerous antigens (by simulating a systemic infection coincident with the presentation of the spike protein antigen). So it kills the spike proteins and kills every cell in your body that has been vaccinated because all of those cells are genetically reprogrammed by the vaccine to make spike proteins.

So your body goes into a perpetual civil war in which more and more of your immune resources are spent killing vaccinated cells. Pfizer contains 14.4 trillion 1273 Amino Acid spike protein mRNA copies and Moderna contains 48 trillion – see here. You only have between 6 and 36 trillion cells in your body (depending upon how you count them). Some of these cells such as heart muscle cells and brain cells do not get replaced. If they become vaccinated, you will lose them indefinitely. Myocarditis is caused by Killer T cells removing vaccinated heart cells.

This gets worse at the 2nd jab and worse still at the 3rd. You may think that vaccines are safe but your immune system would beg to differ since it kills every vaccinated cell it can find. In deed it is the vaccine which trains it to do that. It is this civil war which causes the vaccine efficiency to look like it is decreasing. It is not, your immune system response is decreasing. You are developing VAIDS, Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

8. The Brownstone Institute has over 150 studies whoing that masks do not help – https://brownstone.org/articles/more-than-150-comparative-studies-and-articles-on-mask-ineffectiveness-and-harms/ 

9. Dr. Roger Hodkinson, the former Chairman of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada (based in Ottawa), and for the past 20 years Chairman of a Medical Biotechnology company based in North Carolina explains in this video why you should not vaccinated in the middle of a Pandemic (when there is a huge amount of the virus around to work on overcoming the vaccine).

He is a medical specialist in pathology, which includes virology, who studied medicine at Cambridge University in the UK. He reminds the medical establishment that the primary rule of vaccination is that you never do it duuring a pandemic.

10. Targeted lockdowns of the sick and the vulnerable would have been better but still not optimal. General lockdowns kill 2 people tomorrow for every one person they save today. This is all covered in great detail by the Great Barrington Declaration, which now has 920,000 signatures (2022January25).

But the answer is now and has always been to quarantine the sick, not the healthy (however vulnerable). Every family should have been given a temperature gun (cost would be $8 x 20 million = $160 million). And anyone with a temperature should have been isolated until they no longer have a temperature. 

Furthermore, all large shops and venues and tube stations etc. should have had them on the doors and should have them today if we actually wanted to stop the spread rather than isolate people one from another.

11. Vaccines simulate the infection they are supposed to protect you from. They cannot therefore be better than the natural immunity which they simulate. Is any Elvis impersonator better than the king? The CDC now admits that natural immunity is better than vaccine immunity (having denied it for as long as they could) – https://fee.org/articles/cdc-natural-immunity-offered-stronger-protection-against-covid-than-vaccines-during-delta-wave/ 

In a natural infection the immune system indeed chops up the entire virus into segments and makes different antibodies for each segment. Natural immunity therefore results in 8x more types of antibody than vaccination which only presents 1/8th of the viral proteins to your immune system.

Furthermore the immune system does not have Alzheimer’s. It does not forget what it has learned from a real infection. If it did we would all be dropping dead of measles. Vaccine Passport schemes are a denial of Natural Immunity. They are no different from Ayatollah Knomeini’s abolition of Newton’s laws during the Iranian Revolution and no less futile.

Vaccinated people have damaged immune systems and therefore have higher viral loads for Omicron than unvaxxed people and higher infection rates and are more likely to spread Covid than the unvaxxed, many of whom have natural immunity which has not been compromised by VAIDS.

12. A thorough analysis of the efficacy of early treatment with non vaccine therapeutics from 722 clinical studies is given here – https://rightsfreedoms.wordpress.com/2021/05/29/covid-19-early-treatment-real-time-analysis-of-659-studies/ 

13. VAERS – https://vaers.hhs.gov/data/datasets.html 

There were 48 Sepsis cases reported to VAERS in 2020 = 4 per month
There were 1364 sepsis cases for 2021, making an average = 114 per month
There were 63 Sepsis cases from 2022 Jan1-14.=  139 per month.
There were 23 miscarriages reported to VAERS in 2020 = 2 per month.
There were 1299 miscarriages in 2021 = 108 per month
There were 46 miscarriages from 2022Jan1-14 = 110 per month

14. Myocarditis has a 56% mortality rate within 4.3 years according to the American Heart Association – https://www.vaccinedeaths.com/2021-11-08-vaccine-induced-myocarditis-children-50percent-fatality-rate.html 

Dr. Anthony Hinton, a consultant surgeon with 30 years of experience working for the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), has warned that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine”-related myocarditis has a 20 percent fatality rate in children after two years, and a 50 percent fatality rate in five years.

In a tweet, Hinton explained that viral myocarditis is “not mild,” adding that “[i]t’s dead heart muscle.” To even suggest that myocarditis is in any way mild is akin to saying that a person is “a little bit pregnant,” added Scottish television presenter and author Neil Oliver.

The American Heart Association medical journal Circulation explains that myocarditis results in a 56% mortality rate in 4.3 years. Giant cell myocarditis had an 80% mortality rate in five years.

The Myocarditis Treatment Trial reported mortality rates for biopsy-verified myocarditis of 20% and 56% at 1 year and 4.3 years, respectively. These outcomes are similar to the Mayo Clinic’s observational data of 5-year survival rates that approximate 50%. Survival with giant cell myocarditis is substantially lower, with <20% of patients surviving 5 years – https://www.ahajournals.org/doi/full/10.1161/circulationaha.105.584532 

15. Covid is a respiratory disease it is spread by micro-droplets of water in the air not by hand shakes or surfaces. Dr Peter McCulloch – Covid-19 A Second Opinion hosted by Senator Ron Johnson – A MUST SEE DISCUSSION.

16. Coughs and sneezes spread diseases. Asymptomatic people are not fighting a war with covid, or have won the war with covid. They do not spread it. You spread it when you are fighting it and have not yet won the battle. Covid is spread from “symptomatic people to susceptible people” Dr Peter McCulloch – Covid-19 A Second Opinion hosted by Senator Ron Johnson – A MUST SEE DISCUSSION.https://rumble.com/embed/vqjwua/?pub=4

17. The genetic vaccines are 3 years out of date

This years flu shot is a combination of last year’s flu virus and as many as possible of the viruses from the years before that. They are inactivated and shown to your immune system by the vaccination. The reason flu shots are not very effective is that 
influenza is programmed to produce variants faster than mankind can produce and get approval for new flu shots.

So every flu shot is out of date before it is administered. The situation is worse with Covid-19 shots. We are now is 2022. What use is a shot against a spike protein from a virus identified in 2019? It is 3 years out of date. That is why it has almost zero effectiveness against Omicron at first and absolutely zero effectiveness after a few weeks and progressively increasing negative effectiveness after that.

The idea that you should lose your job because you fail to take an immuno destructive, 3 year out of date vaccine for a variant of Covid that no longer exists is beyond absurd.

If the Pfizer cared about your health they would have updated the RNA in the vaccines to Beta, to Delta and now to Omicron. They do that every year with the flu shot. Why has it not occurred with the vaccines, which are now 3 years out of date?

A Toronto University study showed the doubly vaccinated people had absolutely no measurable protection against Omicron – receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% (95%CI, 19-50%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. – https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.30.21268565v1 

The booster protection will be due to the immune system being put into a hyper alert state and therefore will be transient lasting around 2 months maximum (as case ratio data now shows).

18. The wrong vaccine and the right vaccine

The Covid spike protein has 1/8th of the proteins in the entire virus. The Immune system cuts up viruses and makes antibodies for each resulting protein segment. The most pathogenic part of the Covid-19 virus is the spike protein. It is therefore absolutely the wrong part of the virus to use in a vaccination.

Dr Richard Fleming has revealed that researchers have already shown that the nucleocapsid part of the virus (the case for the nucleus) produces a more effective vaccination which is not pathogenic. The correct vaccine would actually use segments of all the known variants of Covid and deliberately exclude their spike proteins which are known pathogens. The type of vaccination should be standard (like Sputnik) not genetic. 

So in summary the Pfizer and Moderna shots use the wrong part of the wrong variant in the wrong type of vaccination method. They should be using the non spike parts of all the variants in a non genetic vaccine. That would be safe and that would be effective BECAUSE all a vaccination is, is a way of convincing the body that it has had the infection.

Then you get, through the vaccine, a poor copy of what you would have got through natural infection. A vaccination can never be as effective as the thing it is trying to simulate or mimic. I mean is an Elvis impersonator ever as good as the king? 

“Not only do these vaccines not work if you look at the Emergency Use Authorisations. But the data clearly shows that they are suppressing our immune system. They are suppressing our production of interferon. They are depressing our production of key helper T cells. When people are given Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and then given an influenza vaccine they are not mounting an influenza immune response. It is blunted. 

We know that the T cells, the critical cells in the inate system go down after the first Pfizer vaccine shot. We know that natural immunity, person to person immunity, is long lasting provides memory cells up front, it provides not only IgM (Immunoglobulin Mu antibodies) and IgG (Immunoglobulin Gamma antibodies) but it provides the critical IgA antibody for our lungs and our Gastro Intestinal tract.

We know that if you’ve been exposed to inlfuenza or cytomegalovirus you probably already have some natural immunity. And what we now know most recently is that I have told people these vaccines only picked out the spike protein of the SARS CoV Wuhan HU1 variant (Wuhan alpha) and so the further away we have gotten from that the more we have put a pressure selection on the delta variant and the mu and the lambda variants but here is the thing…

What we now know is that the greatest natural immunity to this virus comes off the nucleocapsid component of it (not the spike protein) which you can only get if you get it from person to person (transmission), that data just recently came out. So they are not even vaccinating for the right bloody part of the virus to begin with and like I’ve said before we have always done vaccines where we have taken all the variants with all the parts and injected that into you so your body and make an immune response to all the variants and all the parts. So that it bloody well works.

This is the most – this is Jurassic park literally. They were given the tools by people that they stood on the shoulders of. Some of it was work that I did that they literally stole out of the work I was doing in the early 1990s on inflammation where they used that Shi Zeng lee used that to help formulate how she was gonna put that glycoprotein 120 there” – Dr Richard Fleming in Brighteon Conversations.