Head of Austrian Bioethics Commission: This is but the beginning of a glorious new era of mandatory vaccination.

The vaccinators will never stop vaccinating.

by eugyppius

Christiane Druml, who heads the Austrian chancellor’s Bioethics Commission, wants to expand vaccine mandates in Austria. “The Covid-19 vaccine mandate could be the beginning of a new effort to protect people against unnecessary diseases like measles, whooping cough and influenza – also with vaccine mandates,” she said in an interview. “Society absolutely has an interest in avoiding unnecessary influenza waves.”

She’s very excited about the mRNA combination vaccines that Moderna and other companies are currently developing:

In the case of measles, [Druml] … references Germany, where vaccination is already mandatory, and a requirement for school and nursery attendance. The spread of measles has been greatly reduced by wearing masks, Druml says.1 This could however change quickly, because many vaccinations against diseases like measles have been neglected during the pandemic.

Druml has been advocating a Covid-19 mandate for 1.5 years. Instead of a general mandate, however, she would have preferred group-specific vaccine requirements for hospital staff, nursing homes, schools, personal service staff, and people over 55. Druml: “That would have saved a lot of effort, emotion and polarisation.”

I will never get tired of typing, that a great many people in high positions are just totally ignorant and misinformed about what is happening. This is more and more the case, as you move from hard empirical sciences to the more administrative, politically adjacent make-work enterprises like epidemiology (which is everything and nothing) and bioethics (which is anything but ethical). Diseases like measles, whooping cough, and influenza are not “unnecessary,” they are unavoidable.

The red line marks the start of mass vaccination in Austria.

Since embarking upon their mass vaccination experiment, Austria has had more SARS-2 cases than ever before. Something is wrong with these vaccines, and the absolute worst possible scenario, is allowing lunatic bioethicists to mandate that children receive even more of them.1

This statement is completely unfounded, as far as I can tell.

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