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CDC Officially Concedes Natural Immunity Was Six Times Better Than Vaccine During Delta

CDC Officially Concedes Natural Immunity Was Six Times Better Than Vaccine During Delta

by Daily Veracity Staff

A new CDC report which analyzed COVID outcome data from New York and California found that natural immunity was at least six times stronger during the delta wave than vaccination.

“Importantly, infection-derived protection was greater after the highly transmissible Delta variant became predominant,” reads the report, “coinciding with early declining of vaccine-induced immunity in many persons.”

According to the report, in California, case rates were 29 times lower among unvaccinated people with prior infection than vaccinated individuals with no previous diagnosis, and similar results were found in New York.

The study also looked at hospitalizations and found that those previously infected were nine times less likely to be hospitalized for COVID than those vaccinated with no prior infection.

This study comes as other major studies have been highlighted which all show similar conclusions.

A study published on medRxiv.org during this period found that people who have taken both doses of the Pfizer vaccine were 13 times more likely to have a breakthrough infection and were at a vastly greater risk for Covid-19 hospitalization compared to those who were naturally immune.

Vaccinated individuals were found to have 27 times higher risk of symptomatic COVID infection compared to those with natural immunity from prior COVID disease the study found.

Harvard Medical School professor Martin Kulldorff said at the time that research showing that natural immunity offers exponentially more protection than vaccines means vaccine passports are both unscientific and discriminatory since they disproportionately affect working-class individuals.

“Prior COVID disease (many working-class) provides better immunity than vaccines (many professionals), so vaccine mandates are not only scientific nonsense, they are also discriminatory and unethical,” Kulldorff, a biostatistician, and epidemiologist, observed on Twitter.

More recent studies which found no relationship between vaccination and illness or found a direct causal relationship between an increase in deaths in countries with higher levels of vaccinations shed even more light on the true efficacy of the current COVID vaccines.

During a CNN interview in September of last year, Dr Anthony Fauci was asked about the millions of people who have contracted the coronavirus naturally and now have natural immunity.

“There was a study that came out of Israel about natural immunity, and basically the headline was natural immunity provides a lot of protection, even better than the vaccine,” Gupta said. “As we talk about vaccine mandates, I get calls all the time from people who say I’ve already had COVID, I’m protected, should they also get the vaccine, how do you make the case to them?” Gupta asked.

Fauci responded saying he had no answer.

According to the Wall Street Journal, at least half of the unvaccinated people in the US have natural immunity. Many other scientists estimate that it could be as many as 100 million Americans infected just in 2020, with another 100 million infected in 2021.

As it stands currently, the vaccine passports and mandates do not exempt those who have a natural immunity to the virus, and the CDC’s herd immunity percentage continues to change while only accounting for those vaccinated.