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Skinned Alive

The Trafficking of Humanity – “Once a person has all the things they need to live, everything else is entertainment.” ~ Neal Stephenson

Karen Hunt aka KH Mezek

In Neal Stephenson’s book Fall, of Dodge in Hell, a multibillionaire named Dodge dies, his brain is “scanned and its data structure uploaded into the cloud.” Years later, with new technology, his brain is “turned back on.” The book is described on his website as “a grand drama of analog and digital, man and machine, angels and demons, gods and followers, the finite and the eternal. [It] raises profound existential questions and touches on the revolutionary breakthroughs that are transforming our future.”

In Neal Stephenson’s book Fall, of Dodge in Hell, a multibillionaire named Dodge dies, his brain is “scanned and its data structure uploaded into the cloud.” Years later, with new technology, his brain is “turned back on.” The book is described on his website as “a grand drama of analog and digital, man and machine, angels and demons, gods and followers, the finite and the eternal. [It] raises profound existential questions and touches on the revolutionary breakthroughs that are transforming our future.”

Welcome to the future, now.

While the older folks argue over COVID data and whether or not Joe Rogan is controlled opposition, our children are living in a new world of technology that moves further and further away from us.

As the real world is perceived to be ever more dangerous, the worlds within technology become ever more appealing.

Replicant Roy in front of an advertisement for the off-world colonies, Blade Runner

Back in 1982, the original Blade Runner film (my all-time favorite film) promised those living in a dystopian Los Angeles that A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies. The chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure. “

These colonies were populated not only by humans but also by replicants—AI who were used as slave labor.

Sort of like what Elon Musk wants to do with Mars. Colonize it. Of course, he glosses over the slave labor part, just like the Blade Runner ads do.

For our youth, could there ever be a more exciting yet terrifying time to live? An era of unlimited possibilities awaits them “off world.” While at the same time, destruction and fear surround them in their everyday lives.

In the worlds created by insecure, nerdy billionaires (who were never the cool guys in school, but they are getting their revenge now), our children can be anything they want. They can change their bodies, improve their minds, implant devices in their skin, tattoo themselves with gold leaf that obeys their commands.

They can overcome the natural with the synthetic.

Synthetic is cool. Natural is not. The more synthetic you can be the cooler you are.

Dehumanization, transgenderism, experimentation with our bodies and our minds. This is becoming more natural for our children than the natural world.

Let me tell you something. You are being skinned alive and maybe you don’t love it, but your children do.

They can change their appearance with an app, they can do it with surgery. They can become something else, anything they want. This is the new freedom.

Wouldn’t it be nice if humans had evolved cool abilities like bioluminescence?

No problem.

Human Microchipping Is Here, and It’s About to Rock Your Skin’s World, says an article in Allure Magazine. “Soon it will open your front door, start your car, and provide your entire medical history. This is your epidermis as you have never (ever) imagined.”

Duoskin tattoo made of gold leaf

MIT Media Lab and DuoSkin lead researcher Cindy Hsin-Liu Kao in collaboration with Microsoft, created DuoSkin, a tattoo made from gold leaf that stays on your skin for up to three days and uses conductive energy to interact with other devices. Slide your finger along the design to use it as a trackpad for your phone. Scan it with your phone to read encoded information.

What child wouldn’t want a gold leaf tattoo that they could command?

Microsoft just bought Activision Blizzard in a $69 billion dealThe reason is the Metaverse. Gaming is the largest and fastest growing form of the entertainment industry. It is the place where the digital and the physical worlds merge.

I know. I know. Most adults laugh at the Metaverse. We all saw Zuckerberg’s embarrassing version.

But you dismiss it at your peril. Give the Metaverse a few years and it will be where every young person wants to be.

The chosen lucky ones, those who are of the highest abilities based on their genetic make-up, will plot out and control access to the Metaverse. They will learn to rule over the lesser ones.

The lesser ones will live drab lives in the real world but exciting ones in the Metaverse. These creatures will still be humans. But humanity will be considered a lower life form than the lucky ones who have seamlessly melded with machines. Humans will have been successfully brainwashed to passively follow, hooked up to drugs that sustain them, distracted by entertainment, all the while being used as work horses or experimented on, or harvested for their body parts and their minds. They will be synced with AI that will monitor their every move.

Covid seems to be over. But that was only one step along the path. Why all the testing if we have reached the end of the pandemic? I’ve answered this question in part in my essay W’aR. Along with DNA being gathered to create bioweapons targeting humans with specific genetic traits, the constant testing teaches subjects to blindly follow orders. Repeating the same process over and over, for the sake of one’s safety, leads to absolute compliance. This helps the populace along on its journey toward accepting microchipping. Manually taking tests will quickly become passe. Having a device implanted that constantly monitors your body for illness, heartrate, over-eating, depression, warns you when you are going somewhere you shouldn’t, and even if you are having negative thoughts, will become the norm.

Instead of being surrounded by smart devices, become one yourself.

Wired just announced that one day your medical history might include “climate change.” How convenient.

This is what got us here in the first place and continues to propel us forward.


Once this is done, all information on everyone will be accessed in a central database, most pointedly, the DNA of every human being, especially children. There are still ethical barriers that have stopped this from happening thus far. But the “dangers” of pandemics are changing that. The collection of DNA will be justified as necessary for our safety.

In May 2021, WHO Member States adopted Resolution 74.7 urging countries to increase their capacity to detect new threats through laboratory techniques, such as genomic sequencing. Thanks to Covid-19, there is now justification to strengthen genomic surveillance and real-time tracking of pathogens with pandemic and epidemic potential.

WHO Director General, Dr. Tedros Ghebreyesus, is advocating for a “legally binding treaty to strengthen the global health architecture. The WHO Member States are setting up an intergovernmental negotiating body that will begin negotiations on an international agreement, for there to be a more coherent and equitable response to future pandemics.”

All of this is leading us closer and closer toward transhumanism. We will all be connected to the “vast machine” as John Twelve Hawks describes in his prophetic book, The Traveler. Not long ago, such talk was considered a conspiracy theory. But as we have found so often during the past two years, the things we once thought of as conspiracies are turning out to be true.

If you search for “human robot images” you will find pictures such as these:Subscribe

While we are innocently bedazzled (and who wouldn’t be?) with the convenience’s robots offer us, as well as their entertainment value, along with the seduction of becoming part robot ourselves, few want to think about what we will be giving up in return.

Our humanity.

The realer AI becomes, the less real we will be.

A 2018 Business Insider article claimed that China is recruiting an elite group of ‘patriotic’ kids to help develop AI.

The 30-odd kids in China – all under 18 – have been recruited to participate in the “Experimental Programme for Intelligent Weapons Systems” at the Beijing Institute of Technology, South China Morning Post reported. 27 boys and 4 girls were selected from more than 5,000 applicants.

Wow, 4 girls.

“These kids are all exceptionally bright, but being bright is not enough,” a BIT professor said. “We are looking for other qualities such as creative thinking, willingness to fight, a persistence when facing challenges. A passion for developing new weapons is a must … and they must also be patriots.”

In order to make their dreams a reality, the rest of humanity must be trafficked. The Covid-19 pandemic, the genetic therapy injections, the massive testing, the digital IDs are all being used as excuses to make this happen.

Slavery has never felt better or more necessary. It has always been with us down through history, but thanks to the pandemic, it has now grown on a scale previously unimaginable.

Generally, people worry about the elimination of humanity either through war, plague, global warming, or some outside catastrophe, such as a meteor.

But the thought that we could actually change ourselves into something else, destroying our own humanity in the process is only a recent possibility. Those who now own us, thanks to the technology that they control, are not interested in preserving humanity. Humanity is only as good as what they can extract from it.

And, because the majority of people just want to live a quiet life of convenience, with food and clothing, a roof over their heads and now, of course, lots of entertainment at their fingertips, they have been quite willing to go along with what these overlords tell us to do.

If along the way we are being enticed into a prison, assured that it is for our own health and safety; that it will protect us from a dangerous outside world, well, why not comply? No one really believes that they are actually going to be harvested or eliminated. That sounds too crazy.

But if Covid has taught us anything it’s that fascism is still very much alive and well and living in a neighborhood near you.

If anyone is going to be harvested or eliminated it sure isn’t going to be me. I am a good citizen. It will be that unvaccinated sinner over there.

If you want to see something truly troubling, watch this brother and sister, not more than 8 and 10, on Canadian TV being interviewed about their opinion of the unvaccinated and what should be done with them. Here’s the conversation:

Host: You, are you vaccinated?

Older girl: Yes, we both have one dose.

Host: Ah yes, are you in favor of mandatory vaccines?

A big YES from the younger boy.

The mother pipes in proudly: It looks like I drill them.

Everyone laughs.

Host: What should we do with the people who don’t want the vaccine?

Younger boy: We should call the police. YES! YES!

Older girl: If they don’t have the vaccine it can put a lot of people in danger. So, like what the government does right now, we should cut everything from them little by little until they submit and get vaccinated.

Host: It looks like we have some future politicians here!

The children smile proudly as everyone claps.

Vladimir Putin has lately accused the United States of turning into the Soviet Union. After watching these scary, brainwashed children, I would have to agree.

Okay, we know that our children are being indoctrinated. But taken from us in a way that is not dissimilar to what happened under communism? How could such a thing happen?

In Virginia, hundreds of schools “rebelled against Glenn Youngkin and refused to lift mask mandates.”

Hundreds of students in Boston and Chicago walked out of class, as well as students in New York, Michigan and now Oakland, protesting against lackluster Covid precautions.

“We don’t feel safe at school,” a Brooklyn Tech junior told The New York Post. “It’s pretty much that simple. There are so many cases going around and we think more should be done.”

Teen Vogue tells the story of Laura, 21, (so, not a teen), who started feeling Covid symptoms after being exposed to someone who “likely” had it. She describes being “flabbergasted,” along with other employees, when her boss “basically begged me not to go get tested because I’d leave them short staffed.” Laura works in a chain retail store where everyone “feels constantly exposed to COVID.” She complains that customers aren’t required to wear masks anymore and nobody is monitoring if employees wear masks incorrectly.

The article goes on to name a few more young workers and how crazy they think it is that they aren’t being required to test and adhere to stricter Covid safety protocols.

Instead of stomping their feet and refusing restrictions, like annoying young people have been doing down through the ages, they are now behaving like old fogies, chiding the adults that they had better instate more rules or else!

Remember the protest movements of the 1960s and the 1970s? Youth did what youth do so annoyingly well. They protested against the government—not for it.

My dad used to take our family up to Berkeley, where he would get up on the Free Speech Platform and speak to the crowd. Those were the days of the Jesus Movement, and he loved nothing more than debating with Black Panthers, Hare Krishna, communists, you name it, anyone and everyone. I was around 13 at the time. Berkeley was exciting and I liked being there. Every color and creed were represented, all mixed together. The crowds might have disagreed with one another, argued and yelled, but everyone had a right to be heard.

Dad and my younger brother Jon
Dad in conversation with James Weston
Alberto, friend of ours, speaking. The man standing to his left in the suit is, I believe, “Holy Hubert” a well-known street evangelist at that time.
Me on the left and my sister Janna in between two friends of our family

If you had told those idealistic students railing against the Establishment that one day they would become the academics, researchers and scientists, politicians and CEOs that they so despised and would turn around and do the exact same thing—indoctrinate the youth beneath them—they would not have believed it.

Look at Angela Davis. Once on the FBI’s Most Wanted List, accused of aggravated kidnapping and first-degree murder, she assimilated very nicely into the Establishment and earned a fine living off to it. How about Jane Fonda. Once known as Hanoi Jane, then a sexy fitness guru, and finally a plastic surgeon’s dream client. I confess to a grudging respect for Jane Fonda. She certainly knows how to reinvent herself.

You can argue that the students of today aren’t really protesting anything, they just grew lazy during the lockdowns. All they really want is to go back to sitting in front of their computers doing less work with less supervision.

Yes, this could well be the case. If so, then the passivity they display is exactly what the lockdowns were supposed to achieve.

Besides, what child would want to study in the environment described by James Melville in a recent tweet along with the photo below:

The most grotesque aspect to this entire mess is how the welfare of our children has been abused. Throughout the entire pandemic, children have been used like pawns on a chessboard of health and safety.

Perhaps one day those who inflicted this abuse on our children will look back in horror.

The problem is, we already look back in horror at historical events, such as the Holocaust, and we still find ourselves here, repeating the same horrors over again.

With abusers justifying their insane rules like this:

This is what people look like who have worn M95 masks all day:

One of the saddest cries of despair from a child I’ve seen was a parent posting this schoolwork of her child:

This child actually thought her mask was a body part.

And to make matters worse, the teachers writes “True!”

I read a post on social media where a mother expressed her despair that her teenage daughter refused to take her mask off. When she asked her daughter why, the reply was, “I like my mask because I feel so ugly without it.”

The comments then started, berating the mother for being overly protective. “Kids at that age are naturally awkward.” “She’ll get over it.” “At least she won’t die.” “What kind of a mother are you. Isn’t her health more important than her looks?” And so on.

I lived in Luxor, Egypt for almost three years and left about six months into the pandemic. I know exactly the purpose of facial coverings on women. It is to make them disappear, to bring shame if they “expose” themselves. To make them submissive to the authority of the men above them. This is one reason why I hate the masks. Especially on children.

“But I was to learn that choosing to wear the hijab is much easier than choosing to take it off. And that lesson was an important reminder of how truly ‘free’ choice is.”
― Mona Eltahawy, Headscarves and Hymens: Why the Middle East Needs a Sexual Revolution.

It is horrifying how many parents are oblivious to the lasting damage this is doing to their children, especially the younger ones who will grow up never knowing anything different. As Eltahawy says, it is much easier to put the mask on than it is to remove it.

We can fight as best we can. But we should be prepared for the prospect that the world is changing and we cannot stop it. Covid has served its purpose and it’s time to move on.

Humanity is on its way out.

We will be left in the dust while our children enter new worlds.

Why would a kid want to live in a box like these crazy schoolteachers want them to when they can live here?

The Metaverse is coming. And it’s a nine-zero affair Near future

In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis describes it perfectly:

“The process which, if not checked, will abolish Man goes on apace among Communists and Democrats no less than among Fascists. The methods may (at first) differ in brutality. But many a mild-eyed scientist in pince-nez, many a popular dramatist, many an amateur philosopher in our midst, means in the long run just the same as the Nazi rulers of Germany: ‘Traditional values are to be debunked’ and mankind to be cut out into some fresh shape at the will (which must, by hypothesis, be an arbitrary will) of some few lucky people in one lucky generation which has learned how to do it.”

Lewis would recognize what he had predicted in what is happening now.

Wired asked young startup founders which heroes inspired them, and here are some cringe-worthy portions of the article:

Marc Baghadjian, a 22-year-old entrepreneur founder of a dating startup, explained, “We don’t look up to these fools [Zuckerberg, Bezos, Gates et all]. Just because you’re a billionaire doesn’t mean you’re positively effecting change.” He goes on to say, “Elon Musk is literally picking up the tab for the mistakes that other generations have made.”

It’s hard to take this young man seriously when you find out he’s the founder of a dating startup.

Olav Sorenson, who has taught entrepreneurship at UCLA and at Yale, says his students tend to admire people who have been ‘successful without selling out.’ Some cite Seth Goldman—the founder of Honest Tea, who now chairs the board of Beyond Meat—as one source of inspiration because ‘he has focused his energy on investing in and supporting businesses with an ethical mission,’ Sorenson says.

Professor Sorenson fails to mention that no matter how ethical these heroes appear to be, all roads lead back to those boring old farts like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. His students would be shocked to find that Bill Gates is heavily invested inBeyond Meat, the “vegan burger that bleeds.”

The young entrepreneurs who make it into the top echelons, like their elite counterparts in China, will be among the “lucky ones” that Lewis describes. Their arrogance and superiority will grow along with their designs.

Elon Musk, the coolest billionaire ever, who shows “grit” because he sleeps on the floor at Tesla, wants to microchip us. His brain-interface technology business, Neuralink, has announced they will begin implanting its microchips in humans this year.

People who have Neuralink’s brain chip implanted will be able to send commands to computers just by thinking about it.

“Singularity” is a hypothetical moment in time when artificial intelligence and other technologies have become so advanced that humanity undergoes a dramatic and irreversible change.

Max Hodak, the co-founder of Musk’s Neuralink company, who left the company without explaining why, believes that this is the beginning of the end of humanity.

We’ve seen robot uprisings in countless science fiction films. For Max Hodak, a robot uprising in the real world is inevitable and will likely leave humans in the dust.

“We are going to get so wrecked,” he says.

Musk himself has warned of AI overtaking humans. And yet, the Neuralink’s entire mission statement is “if you can’t beat em, join em.”

Musk and other who are behind this technology know that there is no stopping singularity. Being a billionaire means you can be part of making it happen, ensuring as much control as possible.

It all started innocently enough. Smart phones, smart cars, and now, implants in your skin, in your brain. Neuralink technology will help people walk again. That’s miraculous.

Yet for every miraculous creation of our brightest minds, there seems to be an even darker counterpoint.

Watch this video from Tesla China to see how you will no longer need to use your own motor skills to drive. The smarter our machines become, the dumber we will be.

Man, Humankind, whatever you choose to call what we are, is being “cut out into some fresh shape at the will of some few lucky people.”

Theoretically, AI should learn from us how to make the best decisions and even improve on what we have learned down through history. But honestly, are we the best instructors for what could basically become another species? Have we ended war between nations? Have we stopped exploiting one another for gain?

We are on the verge of war with Russia and China. The United States just left Afghanistan, abandoning its own people and blowing up an aid worker and 8 children with nothing more than a shrug and an oops.

How can we imagine that those in charge, who love war and enslavement because it makes them richer, will create anything other than AI “in their own image?”

When I called the elite insane in my essay Utopian MadnessI wasn’t kidding.:

We are in the midst of a mass psychosis. This psychosis is built upon delusions which originate in the ruling class. We must never forget that no matter how powerful the elite appear to be, no matter how intelligent or benignly nerdy, they are insane. In their deluded state, they believe they have all the answers and thus they deserve to have the absolute power to dictate those answers to the rest of us. If we disagree, we are a danger to ourselves and to society. This they truly believe. They are our saviors.

In a USA Today opinion piece titled “COVID test: Can Americans get our act together to build a better country for our children?” Tim Swarens tries to write an inspiring piece about self-sacrifice, drawing on the lives of his own parents and how they endured two world wars and lived through the Spanish Flu. Between the three events, more than 130 million people died.

The author asks: “How do we stop America’s downhill slide? How do we use our losses as motivation to build a better country? The answer takes me back to my parents. One word will forever embody my mother and father for me: Sacrifice.”

He then goes on to say how in the past, our parents sacrificed for the sake of their children. And then, the conclusion is, we should do the same.

But he gives absolutely no indication as to how to do this. He just says that “the less I focus on myself, the better I tend to feel…”

This negates everything I learned from my parents and grandparents. Because if they had relied on how they felt about their situation, they would never have sacrificed in the first place.

Those who lived through wars and plagues relied on values inherent in all humanity: the understanding of right and wrong and the belief in freedom for all. They fought against regimes that destroyed the individual’s rights in exchange for allegiance to the State.

They went to church, synagogue, taught their children the traditions that had been passed down to them for generations. Children were punished if they misbehaved and rewarded if they did right. It was necessary to apologize. To keep one’s word.

The author mentions none of this. Just that somehow, our children will “succeed.”

“What if Generation P – born shortly before, during and after the pandemic – grew up to become the healthiest, happiest, wealthiest and most equal adults in the nation’s history. I still have enough faith in America to believe it can happen. If we resolve to make it so.”

But he never says what that faith is.

This article is the rally cry of those who mask and isolate their children and inject them with experimental drugs.

Such loyal citizens do not want us to sacrifice for our children.

They want us to sacrifice our children.

If we lose our jobs, if we lose our freedoms, if we have to accept contradictory, lying, downright ridiculous explanations for why we are dying, if we have to punish the unvaccinated for not adhering to the rules, most people will do it. It doesn’t really matter if there is 20% who oppose the rules. That 20% has been taken into account. The agenda will continue.

I’ve quoted Members of the European Parliament Cristian Terhes of Romania and Christine Anderson of German in other essays. Here I quote the end of Ivan Sincic, MEP for Serbia’s reply to the President of the Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen, on why Covid vaccines cannot and must not be mandatory:

Ivan Sincic

“And when it comes to freedom, more and more I feel that our constitutional rights and our human rights have been kidnapped and that we have to pay a ransom every six months, one year, we have to pay a ransom to get our freedoms back. This is simply unacceptable. Our rights are unalienable, that means that no kidnapper can take them from us. It’s as simple as that. And we accept nothing else.

I consider Ivan Sincic and these other MEPs to be heroes far beyond any of the billionaires with their fake show of benevolence.

These MEPs are of the people, and they fight for the people. Their responsibility is to speak on behalf of the people. Not to parrot what the elite and their puppet politicians say. Their speeches are powerful and straight as an arrow, hitting true because they dispense with the fancy rhetoric and state the issues in simple terms. Christine Anderson mocks the elites and promises that she cannot be bought, not for any millions. How often do you hear a politician say that—and be able to back it up? I certainly hope these MEPs are that rare breed who honor their word.

It is when I hear their words that I feel hope.

I need that hope when I then read that Albert Bourla, chairman and chief executive of Pfizer Inc., has just been awarded the $1 million Genesis Prize for his efforts in leading the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Albert Bourla

So, the head of Pfizer has saved the world.

If you want to find out how corrupt and murderous Pfizer is, read my previous essay, The Three Faces of Evil.

Evil men rewarding themselves for their evil deeds. I mean, look at Bourla. He and the others like Gates and Fauci would fit perfectly as bad guys in a James Bond movie.

It’s almost funny. Except it can never be because so many people died needlessly. How many? A hundred thousand? A million? Millions?

It sickens me.

As the pandemic winds down, they are busy making sure the narrative is clear that they battled the virus and destroyed it. Thank goodness Gates and Bourla and all the other greedy despots came up with those “vaccines.”

Good thing the people did what they were told. Bravo to everyone who obeyed orders. You now get a reprieve.

The final chapter of The Abolition of Man describes a not-so distant future in which the values and morals of the majority are controlled by a small group who rule by a perfect understanding of psychology and who in turn, being able to see through any system of morality that might induce them to act in a certain way, are ruled only by their own unreflected whims. In surrendering rational reflection on their own motivations, the controllers will no longer be recognizably human, the controlled will be robot-like, and the Abolition of Man will have been completed.

“The rebellion of new ideologies against the Tao is a rebellion of the branches against the tree: if the rebels could succeed they would find that they had destroyed themselves.” ~ C. S. Lewis

The billionaires need to stop messing with nature or nature will start messing with them.

“I am fearfully and wonderfully made,” says David in Psalm 139:14

All we need to do is look up into the vast silence of the night sky and then look around us at our beautiful planet. The balance had to be perfect for life to spring forth in such a wonderous fashion. It is obscene to imagine that any of these guys who think only of how to gain more power for themselves, could improve on this perfect design.

All they can do is destroy it.

Like those James Bond villains, these maniacs can bring us to our knees with another variant, another pandemic, bioterrorism, cyberattacks, war, and most assuredly whatever horrors of climate change they are even now cooking up.

We can refuse to comply. We must refuse. As often as it takes.

A bird in a cage, whether it is gilded or not, whether it is fed well or left to starve, is still in a cage. To say, “my cage is better than yours because I obey, and you do not,” is a poor and rather sorry excuse for slavery.

What do human traffickers promise to those crossing the southern borders of the United States or making the journey across the sea to Europe and the UK?

Sure, the road will be fraught with danger, but at the end the migrants will be safe, they will have a home, an income. They will be better off than they were before they sold themselves to the trafficker.

Just get locked up in this truck, just take this leaky boat, embark on this terrifying journey and at the end of it, you will be better off than you were before.

What does the trafficker then do, once he has his prey is in his clutches? He exploits them to the maximum level possible. Because they are now completely at his mercy, and he does not think of them as anything more than commodities. He can rape the women and the children, leave them beside the road or kill them and throw them in a ditch. He can sell their bodies piece by piece.

Once the trafficked reach their destination, they never get what they were promised. There will always one more thing they have to do to pay off their debt. By that point many are so traumatized, they have given up hope and do not even seek freedom anymore.

Just two weeks to flatten the curve, just wear this mask, just stay locked in your apartment, just stop going to school, just close your small business, just inject this experimental gene therapy into your body, just do it to your children. It never ends.

Promises were made. We accepted the terms. We agreed to be enslaved, believing that we would be free again, after a few weeks, after a few months, after a year.

Two years now, going on three.

Until the majority came to accept their prison.

In ancient Hebrew law the Bible describes slavery like this:

“When you acquire a Hebrew slave, he shall serve six years; in the seventh year he shall go free, without payment. But if the slave declares, ‘I love my master, and my wife and children: I do not wish to go free,’ his master shall take him before God. He shall be brought to the door or the doorpost, and his master shall pierce his ear with an awl; and he shall then remain his slave for life.”

Our children are loving their prisons of technology, fulfilling their wildest fantasies on their bodies and in their minds. All it takes is allowing themselves to be pierced. All it takes is giving up their freedom. How can we tell them otherwise? We are bedazzled, too.

Gold leaf tattoos. Wouldn’t you love to have one of those?

While we stare at our screens, our children are stepping through them.

My artwork from The Lost Princess by George MacDonald

As if a door had opened to another world. Come with me. Go through the door.

We started with a Stephenson book, and we will end with his latest.

Termination Shock takes us past Covid, into the next disaster: climate change. We are living in “a world in which the greenhouse effect has inexorably resulted in a whirling-dervish troposphere of superstorms, rising sea levels, global flooding, merciless heat waves, and virulent, deadly pandemics.”

War and rumors of wars.

Get ready for the future. The bumpy rise isn’t over yet.

Thank you for reading. Please comment and share if you so desire.