Alberta Canada Released Health Data And EXPOSED More Than ½ Of Vaccinated Deaths Were Classified As Unvaccinated!

Addison Wilson

In a bombshell revelation, the Government of Alberta, Canada, exposed the fraud that has been committed in accidentally shared evidence. They exposed how the public health authorities manipulated the C-19 statistics.

Once they saw what they had done, the Canadian province deleted the incriminating data! However, from internet sleuths like Twitter user Metatron we have the evidence.

From the last C-19 update, the Alberta Government shared what has been done to manipulate the population regarding the C-19 infection, hospitalizations, and deaths.

The corrupted Alberta government classified these vaccinated deaths as unvaccinated.

So, people who got infected, hospitalized and died two weeks after the first, second, and third dose were recorded as unvaccinated cases.

Thanks to the deleted data, we can see exactly how many cases have been manipulated, and from the numbers, we can see that half of the vaccinated deaths have been added to the unvaccinated.

From the chart below, we can see that 56% of recorded C-19 deaths among the vaccinated happened within two weeks of vaccination, and 95% within 45 days, which is noteworthy because that is what’s claimed to be the timeframe of the vaccine’s effectiveness.

Check this out:

It’s the same with the hospitalized. Half of the severe cases among the vaccinated occurred within the two-week window, meaning they were tallied as unvaccinated in the official record.
80% happened within the first 45 days after the vaccination.

Check this out:

The data showed that C-19 infections post-vaccination also followed a similar trajectory.

The percentage from the first two weeks was lower than hospitalizations and deaths, checking in at 40%. That opposes the approved narrative that the shots effectively prevent serious cases as opposed to mild ones.

Even if you see that prioritizing the sick and elderly in the beginning represented a factor in the heightened deaths over hospitalizations and subsequent hospitalizations over cases, the shot didn’t do anything to protect the people.

“I guess it could be possible that the excess hospitalizations over cases and deaths over hospitalizations could be subject to prioritization of the sick but I don’t think it really matters. It’s the sick that needed protection anyway, not the healthy! And if it didn’t improve [the] outcome for the sick then what exactly is the point??”

It has been assumed that the US and others have been manipulated with the data just like the Canadian Government has been doing.

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