by OrwellitoOrwell City January 16, 2022

At last, an official body has acknowledged that the vaccines against COVID-19 contain graphene oxide as part of their composition. This event took place after a request was made to investigate the death of a person post-vaccination.

The toxicity of the nanomaterial that goes into the vaccines is described in the scientific literature, with at least 67 articles on the subject, the same ones that La Quinta Columna compiled a few months ago to attach to the final report by Dr. Pablo Campra.

Orwell City brings the details of this important news in English below.

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Ricardo Delgado:

Argentina: A.N.M.A.T recognizes that vaccines contain graphene.

In today’s news, January 16.

“Dr. Patricia Aprea, Director of Evaluation and Control, had to admit it in a court case that took place as a result of a post-inoculation death and which is being prosecuted by Prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde.”

Thanks to the work of this prosecutor and his insistence, he finally had to admit and recognize —because they knew it— that the COVID vaccine —or what they call vaccine… They call it a vaccine—, in fact, contains graphene.

This is particularly serious. Why? Because we’re talking about a material that’s not declared in the transparency policy of pharmaceutical corporations. And, moreover, it’s a toxic material. It’s so toxic that its toxicity is also radiomodulable. Therefore, it almost doesn’t depend on the quantity but on the dose of radiation absorbed by the graphene.

What’s more, we have said that graphene uses the GigaHertz signal of telephone antennasand multiplies them to the order of TeraHertz. Graphene has its maximum transistor field-effect precisely at 26 GigaHertz. So this… Eh… Precisely —look, what a coincidence!—, our government and that of other parts of the world that are in the 2030 Agenda itself, will tender the 26 GHz frequency in mid 2022.

That graphene which increases frequencies from Giga to TeraHertz, once it’s at TeraHertz, makes possible that all the other microtechnology that we have found inside the vaccine could work. Micro-routers, micro-rectennas, codecs with communications encryption, logic gates… For all of these to work, they must necessarily operate in the Terahertz band.

Do you understand now why they wanted to introduce that graphene?

Do you understand now why the vaccinated people,in Bluetooth wireless technology,emit a MAC address that can be checked by anybody with their cell phone? Even with a Samsung or an iPhone. Because they had initially blocked them. Coming soon, we’re going to try… Eh… …to interview a person who is an expert in this regard. Here, in La Quinta Columna.

“Have they become ‘conspiracists’ at A.N.M.A.T.?” David Rey, who is the writer, wonders. I needed some water. “Well, no. It happens that this time, pressured by the prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde, they had to admit the inadmissible. Strictly speaking, the National Administration of Medicines, Food and Medical Devices had to answer in this way in a court case following a complaint about a post-inoculation death.

Those in charge of breaking the news, through social networks, were the lawyer Miguel Iannolfi and the medical geneticist Marcelo Martínez…” From here a big hug. “Both of them are well known for their work in warning the population about the singular consequences of the alleged vaccines on people’s health, as well as the novel compound they contain, i.e. graphene, which was discovered months ago by the Spanish scientist Pablo Campra.”


“In a brief video shared in networks, Iannolfi explained that something that we had been studying, investigating and that we knew would come to light. Thanks to the efforts of the prosecutor Carlos Insaurralde, the only thing he did was to fulfill his function at the time of receiving a complaint about a person who died after having been inoculated. He made the investigation and the corresponding requests for reports, put pressure and, in the end, the A.N.M.A.T. —government agency— ended up answering in a court case that the inoculum they are applying to the entire population contains graphene.”


“Martínez, for his part, in another video where he first expressed his solidarity with the recently arrested and already released Dr. Eduardo Ángel Yahbes…” I coincided with him in a direct. From here we send her a big hug. And, as it can not be otherwise, we’re very happy for his release. “…responds to requests and questions carried out by the prosecutor, that graphene is one of the constituent elements of these compounds.”

Well, if it’s one of the elements that appear here, moreover, in this writing that I’m going to share next. If it’s one of these elements, why isn’t it declared?

“Next, Dr. Luis Marcelo Martínez remarked that there’s a minimum —there are more— of 67 scientific publications…” In fact, they were the ones shared by La Quinta Columna. “…where the toxicity of graphene for biological organisms and for human beings, in particular, is described. Therefore, what’s the reason for the presence of this element in the inoculums? The certificate issued by Dr. Yahbes, like many of the issued by us, contains absolutely genuine information supported by numerous scientific research articles. I have just referred to an official answer, which means that they’re aware of the presence of toxic elements in these compounds.”

Alright. I mean, this is already an open secret. The work that La Quinta Columna and many of you have is just to inform the population. I’m going to copy this news first of all. Here it goes. It’s important. Because they’re acknowledging it. In other words, they’re acknowledging the poisoning of the entire population. It’s just like that. Just like that.

This is the official document issued by the ANMAT.

d. Regarding the composition of the vaccine in question, according to what has been declared, graphene is among its components. It’s suggested to accompany authorized labels or leaflets in which the components of the vaccine can be noticed.

It can also be found on its official website (click here) by entering the following information: GEDO number: IF – 2021 – 120912800 – APN-DECBR#ANMAT