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New CDC Director Mandy Cohen recalls how she and her colleagues came up with COVID mandates during her time as NC Health Director.

“She was like, are you gonna let them have professional football? And I was like, no. And she’s like, OK neither are we.”
Germany has a global share of 2% in terms of CO2 emissions. You read correctly, we emit 2% of 0.0016% of CO2 in Germany.

Question to all who are not yet completely dumbed down: Even if one were to assume that humans influence the climate with their CO2 emissions, how much do you think it would help if we in Germany reduced our emissions and at the same time hundreds of new coal-fired power plants were built in China?

And has it actually become colder on this planet since the introduction of a CO2 tax?🤔
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RED FLAG: The United Nations Is Targeting Spreaders of ‘Misinformation’ as Potential Cyber Criminals

Mis and disinformation harm our fundamental freedoms and prevent the enjoyment and realization of our human rights, according to the United Nations.

And Interpol (International Crime Police Organization) “labels such people who spread mis and disinformation as cybercriminals,” reported investigative journalist @_whitneywebb.

So, what’s being advocated by those in power is, “Let’s stop focusing on the content, but go after the people that make that content and go after the ways that these people disseminate their information. And we can assume, with Interpol involved, how they finance themselves.”

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