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Forwarded from EdwardDowd
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BREAKING — CDC Will Now Investigate Link Between COVID-19 Vaccines And Strokes

“CDC says there have been enough reports of people taking COVID-19 vaccines then having a strokes that they will now open a formal investigation.”

Don't buy electric cars
Scotland’s plan to implement 20-minute neighbourhoods nationwide

New measures proposed by the Scottish government in a recent document outline a war on carbon and a war on cars. It includes a plan to implement restrictive 20-minute neighbourhoods so that the Government can deliver on the United Nations #Sustainable Development Goals.
"Own the Science" Baby! 🙊
Forwarded from Ice Age Farmer
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Further, search engines have devolved into curated sets of links — this was absolutely openly confirmed by WEF reps working with Google to override results for terms like ‘climate change. [video]

With curated search results limiting what an inexperienced user can find, and bots constituting 80% of the tweets on a given topic

… the internet really is dead.


Forwarded from Gerald Markel
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Ukraine's Government is one of the worst in the World.
Statt zum WEF war Bill in Australien und hat dort ausgeteilt
If we know, that:

1. There is no big scary virus. That the whole lab leak theory is for all intensive purposes a distraction and

2. the covid operation was run out of and legally structured as a DOD and the intelligence operation and the vaccines were a military program, Operation Warp Speed. This means companies life Pfizer aren't the main culprit here.

The bad guys used the government to perpetrate this massive scheme.

This all means stories like this Veritas "revelation" are nothing but a massive distraction.

Use the brain people, let's stop falling for bulls$%t
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Oxford, Paris, now Edmonton/Canada, suggest 15 minute cities.  If you go to another sector of the city, where you do not belong, you will be fined.
Of course these 15 minute jails will appear as an option first.
The next step is obvious.