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Forwarded from Free Persia Media Center
👑👑🎉🥳 — Manoto News and monarchist media reports that some citizens who reject the Islamic Republic decided to celebrate helicopter Crash and possible death of Islamic Republic's President Raisi
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Please open Telegram to view this post
Türkiye Iran'a taziye mesaji iletti.

Türkiye sent a message of condolence to Iran.
It's looking like all the "privacy" communication services such as Signal, Protonmail etc. are started by intelligence services.
Why do we need a global cattle tag system for humans? [Drum roll....] You guessed it, Climate Change!
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The Covid era: Will future generations look back at this time as the most embarrassing period in human history?
🇮🇷🇮🇱- "It wasn't us," – An Israeli Official told Reuters, when asked whether Israel was involved in the killing of Iranian President and Foreign Minister.
🇮🇷⚡️- The first photos of the helicopter wreckage have been documented, with rescue crews combing through the debris.
Forwarded from Mondoweiss
ICC warrants against Netanyahu and Gallant may be the first of many aimed at Israeli officials

“I think this is an enormous step forward,” former UN Special Rapporteur Michael Lynk tells Mondoweiss. “Today’s announcement was a long time in coming.”