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Citizens in Novosibirsk, Siberia, protest against crimes committed by economic migrants from Central Asia.
Avocado man pumps flat earth...... 😜
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They have been faking your entire cosmology.
"If you want to “defend the West”, you are talking about defending Christendom and the values it created, and/or the post-Christian liberal culture it gave birth to, which itself was based upon those values.  

Every culture is built around a sacred core. When it begins to rot, as all cultures do, it is because that core has been neglected. Usually its people have taken their eyes off the sacred centre and directed them somewhere else; towards false gods, golden calves, or their own dolled-up image in the mirror.

Chesterton, again, took issue with Marx on this one.
“The truth is that irreligion is the opium of the people,” he wrote. “Wherever the people do not believe in something beyond the world, they will worship the world.” This is the process which Christianity used to condemn as “idol worship”, and today’s West is at it in spades. 

A lot of people who talk about “defending the West” these days are either trying to defend red in tooth and claw capitalism — the system which has done more to destroy culture and eternal values in the West than anything else — or they’re trying to defend free speech, individualism and the right to be rude on the internet. I would suggest that these things in themselves were the results of a settlement designed, in the process now known as “the Enlightenment” to replace the West’s original sacred story with a new, human-centred version. 

This was the liberal settlement. It assumed that humans were disaggregated individuals who could roam the world speaking freely, consuming freely and imposing a rational science-based order on the world, the better to achieve progress. It combined the moral values and universalism of Western Christianity with rights-based individualism and a faith in science and technology, and it brought with it a new origin story, to replace the one about the garden and the snake.

This new story told of how we were saved from superstition and ignorance by the holy trinity of modernity: Reason, Science and Technology. Along the way, we stopped believing silly stories about gods and monsters, which had been made up by our ignorant ancestors before we could see the harsh but bracing reality that the universe is just a meaningless swirl of matter-energy which came from nothing for no reason, and human beings are just gene-replicating machines. Now here we are, working out how to rationally manage the whole show. Now, here we are, a new kind of being: post-religious Man.

I grew up sort of believing this story. I thought religion was over and we had moved beyond its stupid superstitions. I don’t believe that anymore. Now I believe something else: that in a significant sense, everything is religious."
Sasha Latypova in conversation with Dr Jane Ruby on the very large differences in toxicity of various batches of the Pfizer injection.
Note that the separation of toxicity profiles is so distinct that it’s very unlikely to have arisen by chance. It’s non random and to many of us, it signals intentionality.
The findings are published as a letter to the editor of the top journal, “Journal of Clinical Investigations”.
There’s a longer recording but this is the 15 minute “aftertalk”.
Best wishes

In the video I am referring to this graph and the fact that the blue and green dots are so cleanly separated into very distinct groups. The yellow ones are also extremely different from the blue and statistically different from the green. The empty space in between is also telling. While there is a huge variability lot-to-lot - which would be bad enough as it indicates uncontrolled manufacturing. However, the fact that the 3 groups are so distinct from each other shows that this variation is
not random. It shows a clear pattern which indicates intent, and experimental design or a targeted deployment. In this case there are clearly small extremely toxic lots (blue) introduced among medium-low and low toxicity lots which are larger in size.
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Media is too big
Russia may liken maternity leave [3 years] to being employed - Dmitry Gusev, MP.

You have to work a certain amount of years to be eligible for a pension, the more years the higher the amount will be. As such, women raising children are at a disadvantage.

This is another measure aimed at increasing birth rates - population of Russia decreased by 1,300,000 last year. Get cracking! 👩‍❤️‍👨👶👶👶