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Brazil has been in full blown protests over defrauded election claims. Supreme courts, installed by Lula in his prior administration step resisting. Talk of military intervention to arrest judges.... messy situation
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🇫🇷🇺🇸 Macron will fly to Biden to complain about the crisis in Europe - Financial Times

The conflict in Ukraine is causing more severe economic damage to Europe than to the United States due to rising energy prices caused by a reduction in Russian exports.
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🇨🇳 Footage of PLA vehicles moving through the city of Xuzhou, presumably to the site of the protests in Shanghai.
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🇨🇳 💉 Documenting China's covid protests, here's a newer visual with more locations of where all demonstrations have occurred part of #ChinaUprising

📎 Damien Symon
Forwarded from /CIG/ Telegram | Counter Intelligence Global (FRANCISCVS)
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🇨🇳 🍎 Workers trying to break out from a lockdown in the Foxconn (iPhone) factory in Guangzhou.

Employees had been forced to live at the factory in order not to bring new cases with them to work.

The protest at the factory was a spark together with Urumqi

📎 China Uncensored
This is what humanity is up against.
That temperature graph is problematic. Ask yourself why the baseline period was chosen. It’s the coldest few decades of the current cycle. Current cycle, what do I mean? Temperature has cycled by a low, single digit number of centigrade repeatedly in the past millennium, according to proxies. Nothing unusual is happening.
The strong claim that it’s pretty much definitely CO2 release, by humans, that’s caused the warming, is also problematic. CO2 has been MUCH higher in the past and is NOT linked to temperature. There’s no uncertainty about it.
We do have a better explanation for the absolutely standard warming of late, solar output cycles.
According to those who study solar cycling, and the impact upon earths climate, we’re heading into a grand solar minimum, which is expected to be accompanied by a FALL in global temperatures.
But reading those scores of organizations, all lying to you & taking the Thunberg school of “climate science”, makes me afraid. Why are there so few scientists from those societies, perhaps recently retired ones, speaking out?
They’d better, because I am not authoritative about this & don’t plan to try to be.
Best wishes
Is Fossil Fuel Actually Produced Renewably Inside the Earth? Some Scientists Theorize ‘Abiotic’ Origins of Oil

"Most people are taught that petroleum is formed deep under the Earth over the course of millions of years and is derived from the remains of plankton, plants, and other biological organisms. This explanation is stated matter-of-factly on certain government and educational websites.

This theory for oil formation is, however, just that—a theory. There is an opposing view that has substantial evidence to back it up.

Credence for oil’s organic origin (biotic origin) is strong in the United States, while the idea of an inorganic origin (abiotic origin) has long been accepted among post-Soviet scientists. Some American scientists have also jumped on the abiotic train, scorned though it may be by most of their peers.

They point to problems posed by the idea that oil comes from dead plants.

When a plant or animal dies, very little of its matter is buried. Nature recycles—some of nature’s greatest recyclers are insects, microorganisms, fungi, and bacteria. Has enough organic matter really been buried below the Earth to create trillions of barrels of oil?

Moreover, the biotic theory holds that organic matter must fit within the “oil window” before becoming oil. The oil window refers to a set of conditions, including reaching a particular depth (1 to 2.5 miles) where the temperature is right (140 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit) for oil to be produced.

Proponents of the alternative, abiotic theory, say oil may instead be a primordial substance that rises up from the Earth’s depths through fissures. Thus, oil might originate independently of organic sources undergoing chemical processes, similar to how methane is found on asteroids or in other barren environments.

Skeptics say methane is a simpler substance than petroleum; the process of forming the hydrocarbons in petroleum is more complex and the same logic might not hold."
Say goodbye to there being any value in the most prestigious universities in the world. The moron dean of Cambridge just called Jesus a trans. Killed two birds with one stone Dean... promoted sexual dysphoria and battered Christianity. Your bosses should be happy 😳
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Apple is assisting oppression of the Chinese. They are protesting their tyrannical Insane government and apple blocks their ability to share information and gather.. Evil company

Stop using apple computers and iphones immediately, break free and opt into freedom tech. Open source is the way forward..

Graphene Android and Linux.

More info here