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Forwarded from The Vigilant Fox 🦊
Media is too big
The unvaccinated are frequently asked, “How did you know the COVID vaccines were dangerous when they first came out?”

The answer is simple: we didn’t.

However, we quickly figured out that the people pushing the shots were LIARS.

Watch Tucker Carlson explain this brilliantly.

“The behavior of the people selling me that [vaccine] was so transparently dishonest. I didn’t know that the vax wouldn’t work, which it didn’t, of course. I didn’t know that it would cause harm, which it did. But I did know that the people selling it were liars. Like, I knew that instantly. And I know some of them, but I could just tell by their behavior [that] they’re lying.

“And I was like, ‘I don’t know what this is. No one in my family is getting this ... period.’ Like I figured that out the first day ... I felt [something was wrong] so strongly, and I just obeyed [my instincts]. And I think that works.”

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Mainstream outlet features “excess deaths” and “COVID vaccines” in the same headline.

Ex-CDC director drops stunning COVID admissions.

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Forwarded from The Daily Psyop (Mitchell)
Whitney Webb: Javier Milei's latest plans involve having Facebook/Meta AI algos educate Argentinian kids and having Google's AI "reform" the Argentinian government. Outsourcing the public sector to Silicon Valley is not "libertarian", SV is a cartel run by US military/intelligence.

Amazing that the people who hate Facebook and Google for "woke" censorship and targeting conservatives have been so quiet about the "libertarian" Milei giving these companies so much power over Argentinian society.

🔗SOURCE ➡️ Whitney Webb

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Argentina Asks To Join NATO as President Milei Seeks a More Prominent Role for His Nation

Wake up Babe the New Argentina Milei X Musk Savior Psyop Just Dropped

4/6 — ⚡️U.S. to build a Joint Naval Base in Argentina 🇦🇷

TeleSUR — SouthCom to Have Presence at Argentina's Integrated Naval Base

3/4 — Javier Milei... Gives 2 Helicopters to Ukraine.

3/2 — Yellen Visits US Lithium Site In Chile
Janet Yellen Praises Javier Milei for Taking “Important Steps” to Deregulate Economy, Restore Fiscal Sustainability

2/10 — Jerusalem Today ... Milei Said That He Wants To See The Reconstruction Of The Third Jewish Temple, To Fulfill The Prophecy That Will Bring The Jewish Messiah To Earth.

🚩: Milei Met Bill Clinton for Lunch, Then Had a 'Very Comfortable' Meeting with Jake Sullivan, Biden Aides..[Meme]

Zelensky Hails Argentina's "New Beginning' at Milei Inauguration

🚩: Netanyahu Speaks with Argentinian President-elect Javier Milei, Thanks Him for Pledge to Move Embassy to Jerusalem and Calls 'True Friend', Invites to Israel

"What if Ron Paul x Javier Milei (Feat. Javier Milei, Ron Paul and the Angel brothers, Netanyahu, Bill Clinton, and Satan's Orchestra)"

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Media is too big
STOP IT! The Great Taking Film, is a documentary and interview series about the book by David Rogers Webb, The Great Taking and the efforts underway to STOP IT.

Please donate to the production of the film:
ChatGPT encourages racism towards white people.... Surprise surprise considering who owns it.
David Webb and state legislators working to STOP the Great Taking will be at the Red Pill Expo in Rapid City, South Dakota next weekend. Attend if you can make it to meet David Webb and James Patrick.
I have verified that this information is correct:

Norberto Horacio Mileikowsky

Are they related?