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On site in Chile interviewing Whitney Webb and Mark Goodwin for the upcoming film on CBDCs.

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Avoid Fluoride at all costs! 🚩☠️

Despite the overwhelming mass of scientific literature and studies showing the harmful effects of ingesting fluoride, those who question it or advocate for the cessation of fluoridated water are labeled as kooks, conspiracy theorists, and shouted down by the mainstream. Luckily this might all be changing soon.

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Media is too big
The Globalists own Fox news (and all major news outlets). Now the Globalists report on how corrupt the Globalists are and their bid to implement their Agenda. I find it hard to believe this was a mistake.

Why are they publishing this?
Which direction do they want to people into?
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Inference types:

Abductive - prevailing wisdom
Inductive - mildly suggestive (p-values and CI's)
Deductive - compelling (deducts from the set)
Falsification - definitive

Always maintain awareness of the inference species a person is using. Resist rule by abduction & induction.

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"I am personally proud of the ruins of Gaza, and that every baby, even 80 years from now, will tell their grandchildren what the Jews did"
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WATCH: ‘We Should Kill Them All’: TN Congressman Andy Ogles Responds To Questions On US Involvement In Gaza

U.S. Congressman Andy Ogles of Tennessee ... In a recently released video, Ogles can be seen walking through the U.S. Capitol, as a pro-Palestinian activist questions him on America’s support for Israel’s military.

“That’s my taxpayer dollars going to bomb those kids,”
the woman said.

“You know what?”
Ogles said. “I think we should kill them all if that makes you feel better.”

➡️ WPLN, Pelham, Al Jazeera

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1/11 — The Expressions Of Genocidal Intent By Israeli Officials, Cultural Leaders Since Oct 7 Are So Abundant They Seem Unprecedented In Recent History....

12/17 — Israeli Town Council Head Says Israel Should Make Gaza Look Like Auschwitz

12/10 If anyone doubts the extremist bent ... excellent video compilation...

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Media is too big
The behavior of the Al Saud family is being called into question and their open bias for Israel has become more than apparent. For decaes there is lot of talk that they actually Jewish and use Muslim extremism to control people. A member of the royal family confirmed to me privately several years ago.

This is also outlined in an intelligence report commissioned by the late Saddam Husain regime in 2002 that confirms the Al Wahab and Al Saud families are crypto Jewish and use Islamic radical ideologies as a show for power and control. The report can be found here:
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The Emergence of AI-Wahhabiyyah Movement and it's Historical Roots